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Friday, October 19, 2007

Retread Stuff

I'm much greener than I was in May when I wrote this little piece. I no longer drive "Guy" the 50 mile roundtrip to work every day. I ride in a commuter van with 8 other sweet people, and I've made a great friend because of the ride.

Here are my thoughts from back in May:

I commute to Buckhead from Riverdale daily and I want to share my thoughts with that guy.

That guy is the driver who fights to position himself in the far left lane then decides that going with the flow of traffic is too much to ask of him, so drives 10 or so MPH slower than all the other cars on the highway (except the poor drivers behind him).

Dear That guy,

I realize that I am not an emperor of the world (as you obviously are) so should feel honored that you cut me off this morning in your haste to get into the far left lane of the "Connector" this morning. I'm beginning to understand that I probably don't need to drive at the speed I wish - you're there to regulate the speed of all the cars behind you and the crisp 40 MPH you determined should have been good enough for me. It was really fun watching all the cars jump in front of you, delaying us further.

I leave my home at 7am so that I'll make it to work by the 8:30 start time my boss has dictated. I drove behind you wondering if you were self employed with no appointments since you obviously were enjoying the lovely view of the downtown highway and were in no rush to get anywhere.

I made 2 efforts to pass you. Each time you sped up and drove bumper to bumper with the car ahead of you to prevent my move.

I want to thank you for ensuring that I don't suffer from low blood pressure (marked increase in my numbers I'm sure during the ride).

I have on last thought for you: *^&%^&(*( ^&^%&^ )*(&*&^^!!!!!!!!

Now that I ride in the HOV lane (I say H.O.V. and my daughter Brooke says hov - like it's a word - she's wrong of course, but she lives in Delaware and that's how they are up there) I see the emperors blocking traffic every day. I'm thrilled as I speed past them.

I suppose this is a commercial for ride sharing - help save the planet and lower your blood pressure at the same time. I'm saving time and money too. My monthly cost is $87.50 - MUCH cheaper than the $60 parking bill I paid plus the cost of 4 tanks of gas per month. Think about it - maybe you can form a car or van pool in your community - or join an exisiting one.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stub Stuff

I've had this blue ticket stub for almost 2 years. It has it's own place on my desk at work. I usually don't follow instructions, but for some reason I felt a real compulsion to obey the ticket master. Number 757709 was my ticket for some drawing or the other and since it says. "keep this coupon" I'm holding on to the sucker.

It's amazing how many of my hopes and dreams have gone into my purchase of these tickets. As the number calling guy or chick begins saying the winning number, I stand in amazement - 7... YES! I have a seven! 5... Hey. That's two for two. 7... Oh. My. God. I have three of the numbers already! My little heart starts racing. I begin to sweat. 7... This is my lucky day. FOUR numbers. Woo-hoo.

I glance at my neighbor to the left. What a coincidence - he has 7577_ _ too. I sneak a look at the ticket on my right - she's another winner - maybe.

I realize that the winning numbers are the last two and that everyone has 7577_ _. My plans for my winnings are dashed as the number caller says, "9", then "6". No one raises their hand to claim the prize. The caller repeats the numbers and gives the winner 30 seconds to claim their prize.

I wait, hoping that the winner has walked away or is stuck in the bathroom or lost their winning ticket. I scan the ground for the winning ticket. Nope.

The 30 seconds finally pass and the caller begins the sequence. I won't be fooled again and I don't even look at my ticket this time until after the first four numbers have been called.

My beating heart won't be controlled and again my mouth is bone dry with anticipation. C'mon zero-nine. Mamma needs a new pair of shoes. C'mon zero-nine.

The next number is "0". Aaaaaaaah! Imma win... imma win... ooooh... Imma win!!!.

I prepare myself for the long walk to claim my prize. I wonder if I have time to add a little lip gloss and I suck in my stomach, ready to go.


I pretend to be happy for the bitch to my right who just won. Look at her - all smug and happy. Hmmmph.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pro Choice Stuff

Here are a few of the reasons I'm Pro-choice!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Silly jali Stuff

I've been asked repeatedly throughout my life to refrain from singing.

I ignored that request back when I was 4 or 5, riding in the Dodge Dart with my family, singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" at the top of my lungs. (until my mother snatched off her flip flop and bopped me in the head)

I ignored that request when I forced my parents and their guests to be my audience as I performed my rendition of the "Alice in Wonderland" album in our living room. I could see the "request" in my parent's eyes, but since we had company, I knew that the request would remain unspoken, and since their friends were way too polite to do anything but smile politely and listen, while praying for the album to end, I had their captive ears.

I ignored that request when driving my children and their friends to the skating rink. I wisely used my time to share amazingly hip rapping skills along with my clear pure voice with all those in the mini-van.

I still love to sing. I've finally accepted that others don't understand my talent and don't appreciate my selfless efforts to entertain.

I sing along with the radio (even though I rarely know what I'm actually singing about (since it's a "crunk" station and I'm just cranky) in the car all the time. Songs get stuck in my head and I find my self singing if I'm walking alone and not really paying attention.

I usually shop late at night in the neighborhood Kroger grocery store. The store plays an in-house radio station that plays a lot of music I know.

The last night I shopped there was a real memory lane experience for me. "Africa" by Toto was playing as I walked through the produce section. Coincidentally, the showers over the veggies came on, so I was feeling the African jungle thing and I guess I was moving to the music as I sang with the lead. A cute guy stopped in the aisle and was staring a me. "Whoa", I thought, "I must be looking pretty good tonight if I'm stopping men in their tracks".

Dumb jali didn't consider that her performance might be a little much at midnight in Kroger.

I finished my performance and the guy turned to move on.

"No", I thought, "Not yet." I wheeled my cart and followed him, then did my "Boom chick a wah-wah. (You know, like the Axe commercial). I thought it would be funny and a great conversation starter.

It wasn't my greatest moment.

The guy stammered that he was in a relationship and that he'd better be going.

I guess I just amazed him by making a spectacle of myself.

Some people dance to their own beat. I sing to my own tune.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stuff stuff

I am officially a snot factory. I must have lost 20 pounds in snot and phlegm since Sunday night. I went to get some "Musilex (however it's spelled) and learned that a small bottle of the stuff costs $22.99. I bought the store brand for $8.99 and it worked pretty well.

I've been sick at home for the last couple of days and I've already gone through a box and a half of tissues. I'm writing this with pieces of tissue stuck in each nostral and I'm breathing through my mouth. I can't taste or smell anything. I have a headache. I'm grouchy as hell.

I'm writing this from my laptop AT HOME!!! Yup - I moved and have the internet at home so I'll be able to see all the videos posted to your blogs. I listened to two episodes of Laurie and DD's radio show. I'm a big gil now!

Tomorrow from work I'll send myself all my links to your pages and I'll be able to visit again. I got a couple of links from the addys I remembered, but I want to see you all.

I love my new apartment except for the occasional bug I've found. The place was spotless on inspection but once I moved in they started to show their nasty little faces. The exterminator was here yesterday and hopefully there will be no more. I'm sure it's like a comedy watching me trying to kill a bug - I'm scared it might get on me so I sort of jump around (moving target)screaming curses at the bug. I went out and bought bug spray and I DROWN their little asses in poison. I drown them. I left a bug where he croaked to warn all the other little fuckers to go away. I think it's working except I'm afraid of it every time I check to make sure it's still dead. I'll probably get Jack (my 16 year old baby)to move it for me (that's why you have kids) tomorrow.

I live in the same complex as ex-husband number two - my son Jack lives with him so I get to see him all the time now. He comes to eat although he insists he just wants to see me, and I've been trying to fix his favorite dishes and I send him home (down the block) with a plate for his late night snack with instructions NOT to feed his pops although Charles probably has a good burp courtesy of the evil ex-wife.

I'm getting used to life without Adrian. No more on that.

I'm watching the movie "Overboard" again tonight - it's one of my favorites (I have so many favorites it's ridiculous). "If you have a baby, you won't be the baby."

I'll be posting the film festival winners soon - I'm just a lazy ass sometimes. Sorry.

Friday, October 05, 2007

News Stuff

Since this is my first entry for the week, I searched and searched, vowing to impress you guys.

In my travels across the 'net, I found the following article.
September 28 2007: 11:15 AM EDT
SEATTLE (AP) -- Ever wonder what the Seahawks' locker room tastes like after a big game?

Apparently, Jones Soda Co. thinks Seattle NFL fans want to know. The company started taking online pre-orders Thursday for a five-pack of sodas with flavors it says reflect the hard work of professional football players.

Clare Bowles, a spokeswoman for the Seattle-based company, said the four literally named flavors -- Dirt, Sports Cream, Perspiration and Natural Field Turf -- are "pretty lifelike."

"Perspiration Soda is kind of salty tasting," she said, with a slightly higher sodium content than the average soda, with a smooth, "stinky football sock" finish.

A sip of Sports Cream Soda conjures up the experience of rubbing ointment into an aching muscle, while Natural Field Turf Soda is like "playing tackle football, and you get tackled really hard, you're down on the ground and you get a little bit of the grass in your teeth," Bowles said.

The only sweet soda of the bunch, Sweet Victory, has a berry flavor.

Each bottle features the photo of a Seattle Seahawks player. Limited quantities of the five-pack will be sold in select stores starting Oct. 1.

I love football, and I've been known to enjoy a salty or tangy flavor now and then, but Perspiration Soda just ain't for me.

Did anyone catch the Chris Matthews show last Sunday evening? He used the word "dissed" twice in a discussion about the Republican candidates skipping certain debates they were invited to. Dissed. WTF???

Interesting News

Okay, it's not really news, but since the site is new to me I'm posting it as news:

While I'm at it, one of my favorite game makers has added a new game to his site. It was done as a commercial job but it's as much fun as the others I've played:

Personal News

I had the pleasure of having brunch with restaurant gal and lex here in Atlanta a few weeks ago. This was our first face to face meeting and we laughed and talked for hours like old girlfriends rather than like strangers.

It's amazing how close we can get through our electronic connections. The three of us were able to confide in each other without hesitation since we are already friends. I was able to tell them things that I hadn't been able to discuss with others that I see on a regular basis. My online friendships are important to me and I trust my long distant friends.

I won't share any of their hilarious stories - they'll probably blog about them sometime in the future.

I hope to see both of them again soon and hope that others may want to hang out with us next time. Tina, cleopatra and mist1 - I'm sorry that I was so last minute in making arrangements that we couldn't get you. (I moved that weekend, so things were really confused)

Dallas December 6th - 9th. Any takers? (send me an email - I'll send you my #)

Have a good weekend. I'm off to play trivia - I'm at level 13 badge - I'm addicted.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Info Stuff

This link is the best thing I've found on the web to date! It's a wonderful find. You will thank me.

The page shows how to get past the recordings for many companies and get to a customer service rep without using up your whole lunch hour wading through their systems.


Share it with someone you love.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Game Stuff

Where's jali?

I've been playing trivia EVERY SINGLE DAY - all day at this addictive website. I'm not listing the addy yet, I want to give you a chance to back away and run from the room.

The site is amazing! If you like music there are quizzes on every type of music you can imagine. do you love movies? There are literally thousands of movie quizzes. Literature, humanities, science, geography, history, celebrities, people, sports are just some of the other topics available.

I thought I knew alot about my "Friends". I clicked the "TV" link, then went to the listing for the letter "f" and found a page with a listing of "Friends" quizzes which blew my mind!

I've joined the page and I play in tournaments daily - I look at it as brain exercise for the brain addled. I was invited to join a trivia team and I'm having a ball hanging with the cool kids.

I decided to star my own trivia tournament thing which you can find at Play our Daily Trivia Game! New Questions Daily!.

If you don't like my general quiz, then click the top of the page in the left corner where it says "fun quiz". That's the main screen and you can choose from there.
I'll paraphrase Paula Dean, "Come on y'all, let's play!"

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wedding Stuff - Sonia and Tai

I don't know if any of you remember me mentioning, a few months back, that I was honored by a couple getting married and asked to do a poem as part of their wedding ceremony.

The wedding was held in a gorgeous old mansion in town (Atlanta) on a Friday night. The actual ceremony took place in the garden - the evening was beautiful - and we happily assembled outside, preparing for the formal rites.

This is the beautiful couple.

The gentlemen (I call the photo "The Usual Suspects) to the right ROBBED me the night before the wedding.

I was invited to hang out with the crew after the rehearsal and the groom's mother cooked up a storm. Homemade fried rice - noodles - homemade eggrolls - much better fare than any restaurant and I felt right at home at the couple's gorgeous house. Ater dinner the guys 'generously' invited me to hang out with them in the basement. I should have known that they were pros - they had a real poker table set up just like at the casinos. I innocently anted up my hard earned money and was taken to the cleaners in the first couple of rounds.

Since the wedding was held in a lovely old mansion, I expected a sedate reception with chamber music playing discreetly in the background. Instead the crowd partied like it was 1999. The bride and groom made sure that there were no strangers at their reception. We all hung out together like old friends and I had a blast!

I'm looking forward to the first anniversary party!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

You Pick 'em Film Festival Stuff

Pick your top 5 from the list below. (Yeah - I know your personal favorite may not be listed - but just do it MY way)

Lock, Stock and 3 Smoking Barrels
A Walk In The Clouds
Monsters, Inc.
Finding Forrester
Disney's Beauty and Beast
Men of Honor
The Color Purple

Now add 5 movies that are your favorites - it's okay if they're duplicates of some of mine.

I want to hold an online film festival - the top movies here (and on your blogs if you want to participate) will be viewed in the month of October and we can discuss them.

To particiapte: post your favorite films and ask your readers to pick 5 of yours and add 5 of their own. We should be able to come up with the top 5 films from all participants based on list duplications. Please drop me a line if you want to do this and I'll count your blog's results. We'll post the names of the movies at the end of September.

Holiday Weekend Stuff

I had a ball this weekend folks!
On Saturday I attended the Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, Georgia. I took MARTA (public transportation) from my home in Riverdale and the ride was great. It seems that the crazies follow a regular workday schedule and no one offered to sell me DVDs or gum or tried to convince me to give my life to Jesus on the ride.

DragonCon was held in Atlanta this weekend too and there were a few interesting looking characters from SciFi/Fantasy land on the train that morning. I was tempted to get off the train and take a quick peek, but one of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks was scheduled to speak at 12:30 and seats were limited so I stayed on my train.

I'm an early bird (I HATE being late!) and I was in Decatur by 9:30 and I had time to look around, get some coffee and attend a seminar.

I live in an apartment and I've killed every plant I've ever known, but I decided to see what Walter Reeves (a locally famous gardener) had to say. He has a radio show and writes a weekly column in the newspaper. He's written quite a few books on gardening. (I paid attention during the intro)

The audience was mainly white haired southern ladies in pearls with a few husbands in attendance but just about everyone was friendly and I sat way in the front of the auditorium next to a sweet faced elder and her boyfriend (they acted as if they were on a date - I decided they were a new couple)

His talk was a lot of fun! He spoke of the reasons he got into gardening and related the story of how his parents met (a set up) and and how his mother was health conscious way back in the 50s.

He had the crowd sing along with a song about gardening. We had to stamp our feet and bang on the benches. I had a ball!

After he spoke I had time to look around downtown Decatur - I walked over to the Children's Pavilion and listened to a story for a few minutes, strolled through the Food Court, had a another coffee, and then browsed through a great little shop that sold imported home accessories. I love stores like this although most of the items are waaaay out of my price range. I just had to buy myself a souvenir of the day and I chose three delicate glass bracelets that were on sale (unbelievably cheap). The owner wrapped them very carefully, gave me a gorgeous gift bag to carry -and treated me like a valued customer. Whenever I run into some cash, I'll make it a point to patronize her shop.

Terry Brooks (author of the Shannara series, the Landover series and more) is an attorney who started writng just for the love of it. He's a New York Times bestselling author and I'm sure he's pretty wealthy, but he was down to earth and genuine. He took time to speak to all of us who waited for autographs - I even met his wife. he talked about his early career, what inspires him, how he developed his characters and his love of the craft. I was charmed by Mr. Brooks.
Tina Mcelroy Ansa (author of the series of books set in the fictional Mulburry, Ga.) spoke in the late afternoon. She read us the first chapter of her new novel and she inspired me - she started a publishing company, DownSouth Press in the spring of this year and I was so moved by some of the things she spoke of that I had to give her something. She was busy signing autographs, so I asked her husband to give her the glass bracelets from the little store for me. He took my hand and led me to the front of the line, introduced me to his wife and Tina was gracious enough to put on the bracelets immediately and she gave me a hug.
The day was perfect! I started writing as soon as I got home, and I didn't stop until maybe two the next morning. I wrote all day on Sunday (I didn't bathe until after 5pm) and then went to a cookout.(future post - I had a ball!)

I spent all day writing on Monday and I'm proud to say that I'm on page 86 of my novel, Granny and the story is getting better and better. I'm learning that my characters have things to say, and that I have to craft the story around the points they need to make. I was crying with Geneva (my star) as I was writing and I think this is going to be really good.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hormonal and Other Stuff

Yesterday was a bad day.

I argued for over an hour with strangers on line about the PETA protesters. I was very annoyed with a coworker (still a bit pissed) over stupid shit. I was frustrated by my slow moving programs - all of them! I was hot as hell! You know that feeling that if one more thing happens you just might cry?

Yesterday was no different from my average Tuesday. People are argumentative online every day. My coworker hasn't changed. It's actually cooler in Atlanta this week than it's been for the last month.

Why the grouchies yesterday? I forgot my patch - my hormonal patch that I'm supposed to stick to my belly on Sunday. I was distracted after my shower by a computer game calling me (effing Zuma - can you believe it?) and I forgot all about it. I made it through Monday without incident, but yesterday I was the bitchiest nice girl you'll ever meet.

I rented a movie over the weekend and watched it last night, "March of the Penguins." I want a penguin for my next boyfriend! I'm not kidding! Penguin love is so charming and sweet. I'm sure you've all seen this movie - I just happen to have a "contrary gene" - if EVERYONE goes to see something, I won't - I don't like to jump on the bandwagon, but I really made a mistake in missing this on the big screen.

Who of you still haven't rented Snatch? Did you hear me last time? Follow my instructions now and take thee online to and rent this movie - or you can go old school and go to the store. Guy Ritchie is my dude!

There's a Ritchie film that I can't get my hands on: Revolver. Please send me a line if you have a copy - I NEED to see this. I'm willing to contact me.

I want to get serious about an Atlanta Metro meet/greet. Who's down? C'mon, it'll be fun: food, drinks, jali talking about herself... good times.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Where's Mike Stuff

Does anyone know what happened to Mike of "Nonsense Served Almost Daily"? There are posts in Japanese on the site now. I really miss him.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Memory Stuff

I had a great childhood. My mom was an avid reader and would forget about the chicken and rice on the stove (pre-smoke alarm days - she invented "blackened" food)and travel to Europe or Africa or outer space while sitting at the kitchen table. She would literally lose herself in a novel.

I wanted to be just like my mother and I couldn't wait to learn to read. I remember that special moment when those odd squiggles on paper made sense to me and I was thrilled to be able to read all by myself. "See spot run" may not seem to be the most exciting sentence ever written, but I proudly read it aloud at the dinner table to my parents and sister (who was a baby and couldn't read - ha-ha) every night for about a week or so.

A couple of years later, my parents subscribed to "The Happy Hollisters" series of books for kids. We'd receive 2 per month - my sister and I would each grab one, go to our respective corners and devour the new stories. I'd use the night light after bedtime to sneak in a couple of extra chapters - these were detective stories and a chick needed to know 'whodunnit' as soon as possible!

By 4th or 5th grade the nuns wanted to expose us to Newbury award winners so we read "A Wrinkle In Time" and "From The Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" - amamzing stuff for a kid. I borrowed my first "Narnia" from the school library and at around the same time snuck peeks at an "Iceburg Slim" one of my friends found. We were shocked and titillated by the graphic language and sexual situations in the Slim novels. We all pretended to understand much more than we actually understood (something I've done through the years, unfortunately).

My parents gave me a Reader's Digest Young Adults subscription for my birthday when I turned 13 - one book by mail per month with 3 or 4 novels condensed in each. I read "Little Women", "The Good Earth", "The Grapes of Wrath", "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Call of the Wild', and my favorite novel ever written, "Pride and Prejudice" (which I re-read every year.)

As a young teen, armed with a library card, I spent hours choosing new worlds to explore and new authors to love. I read "Portnoy's Complaint", "To Kill a Mockingbird", "Native Son", various Agatha Christie mysteries and "The Hobbit".

All this book talk is the result of someone asking me what was the greatest gift my parent gave me. The love of reading is my immediate answer.

What do you read?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quiz Stuff - this is easy!

Match the pet to the TV show:

Married With Children
Brady Bunch
Hart to Hart

Brief Complaint Stuff

On the news:
Early today, one of the morning show newscasters actually said, "Good news, the hurricane won't be coming to the US or even to the Cancun area so vacation areas won't be affected."
WTF? Good news?
What about the rest of Mexico? Are they celebrating the gulf coast's good fortune as they fight to preserve their own lives and property? The "me" attitude kills me.

On media coverage:
The newspapers and TV reporters are a bit too gleeful in reporting the Michael Vick story. After being convicted by the media, PETA and the public, then thrown to the wolves by 3 co-defendants, I don't see how he could have done anything other than plead guilty. I don't know if he's guilty or innocent of the actual crimes since allegations are all I've heard - it seems that some are quick to judgement - with or without facts.

The PETA marchers in Richmond, Virginia showed their love for their animals by dressing their dogs in #7 shirts in the HOT Virginia heat. I'm sure the dogs were thrilled to leave their air conditioned homes and wear cotton shirts over their fur to stand in the hot sun. What fucking hypocrits!

On language:
Why is the removal of the uterus called a hysterectomy? Why not a uterectomy? My very charming hysteria remains intact despite the hormone patch I wear. Embarrassado: why should we be embarrassed to be pregnant? If men had babies the word in Espanol might be something like "perfecto" or "gusto" or something positive. Oh - am I a man now? I don't have a womb so how can I be a wo(mb)man? At least I don't have to have another "happy period."

On marketing:
Those brats on the AT&T commercial that want their parents to switch phone, cell and internet services or "they'll be at the Wilson's" are the most annoying children on TV these days. I'd tell them, "see ya." No non-wage-earning individual has any say in utility choices in my house. Any negative comment would lead to loss of use of said utility.

Friday, August 17, 2007

What A Fool Stuff

I ran across the lyrics to this, one of my favorite songs of all time today, and the truth in these words still amaze me. I had a long conversation with someone back in my long ago just last night, but the difference is, that what we had (back in Delaware) was real. I never imagined we would talk about the good times the way we did last night, or that I would be moved to tears. I hope to speak with him again soon.

I've run into a couple of PP's (partners from the past) who these lyrics really DO apply to. My memory might be of my escape from their clutches - they remember the "good times."

What A Fool Believes - The Doobie Brothers

"He came from somewhere back in her long ago
The sentimental fool don't see
Tryin' hard to recreate
What had yet to be created once in her life

She musters a smile for his nostalgic tale
Never coming near what he wanted to say
Only to realize
It never really was

She had a place in his life
He never made her think twice
As he rises to her apology
Anybody else would surely know
He's watching her go

But what a fool believes ... he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems ... to be
Is always better than nothing
And nothing at all keeps sending him ...

Somewhere back in her long ago
Where he can still believe there's a place in her life
Someday, somewhere, she will return

She had a place in his life
He never made her think twice
As he rises to her apology
Anybody else would surely know
He's watching her go

But what a fool believes ... he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems ... to be
Is always better than nothing
There's nothing at all
What seems ... to be
Is always better than nothing
There's nothing at all
But what a fool believes he sees ...
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems ... to be
Is always better than nothing"

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm Back Stuff

The name of this photo is "sick jali" - stuff like this happens when I have time on my hands and NOTHING to do. This is a camera phone shot of "sick jali" looking bored and grouchy. The hair is artistically arranged (heh-heh-heh)

Hi Everybody,

I have tears in my eyes from reading all the womderful notes you guys sent me. Thanks so much all!

I'm back at work today (finally) and will spend the time visiting all of your pages instead of writing. I REALLY missed you blogland family!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Love U Guys Stuff

My beautiful daughter Dalerie just read me all the comments, and I am so touched. Everything went fine...Although I am still trying to fart so that I can go home(wish you were here smile). I love you guys!!