Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Info Stuff

This link is the best thing I've found on the web to date! It's a wonderful find. You will thank me.

The page shows how to get past the recordings for many companies and get to a customer service rep without using up your whole lunch hour wading through their systems.


Share it with someone you love.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Game Stuff

Where's jali?

I've been playing trivia EVERY SINGLE DAY - all day at this addictive website. I'm not listing the addy yet, I want to give you a chance to back away and run from the room.

The site is amazing! If you like music there are quizzes on every type of music you can imagine. do you love movies? There are literally thousands of movie quizzes. Literature, humanities, science, geography, history, celebrities, people, sports are just some of the other topics available.

I thought I knew alot about my "Friends". I clicked the "TV" link, then went to the listing for the letter "f" and found a page with a listing of "Friends" quizzes which blew my mind!

I've joined the page and I play in tournaments daily - I look at it as brain exercise for the brain addled. I was invited to join a trivia team and I'm having a ball hanging with the cool kids.

I decided to star my own trivia tournament thing which you can find at Play our Daily Trivia Game! New Questions Daily!.

If you don't like my general quiz, then click the top of the page in the left corner where it says "fun quiz". That's the main screen and you can choose from there.
I'll paraphrase Paula Dean, "Come on y'all, let's play!"

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wedding Stuff - Sonia and Tai

I don't know if any of you remember me mentioning, a few months back, that I was honored by a couple getting married and asked to do a poem as part of their wedding ceremony.

The wedding was held in a gorgeous old mansion in town (Atlanta) on a Friday night. The actual ceremony took place in the garden - the evening was beautiful - and we happily assembled outside, preparing for the formal rites.

This is the beautiful couple.

The gentlemen (I call the photo "The Usual Suspects) to the right ROBBED me the night before the wedding.

I was invited to hang out with the crew after the rehearsal and the groom's mother cooked up a storm. Homemade fried rice - noodles - homemade eggrolls - much better fare than any restaurant and I felt right at home at the couple's gorgeous house. Ater dinner the guys 'generously' invited me to hang out with them in the basement. I should have known that they were pros - they had a real poker table set up just like at the casinos. I innocently anted up my hard earned money and was taken to the cleaners in the first couple of rounds.

Since the wedding was held in a lovely old mansion, I expected a sedate reception with chamber music playing discreetly in the background. Instead the crowd partied like it was 1999. The bride and groom made sure that there were no strangers at their reception. We all hung out together like old friends and I had a blast!

I'm looking forward to the first anniversary party!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

You Pick 'em Film Festival Stuff

Pick your top 5 from the list below. (Yeah - I know your personal favorite may not be listed - but just do it MY way)

Lock, Stock and 3 Smoking Barrels
A Walk In The Clouds
Monsters, Inc.
Finding Forrester
Disney's Beauty and Beast
Men of Honor
The Color Purple

Now add 5 movies that are your favorites - it's okay if they're duplicates of some of mine.

I want to hold an online film festival - the top movies here (and on your blogs if you want to participate) will be viewed in the month of October and we can discuss them.

To particiapte: post your favorite films and ask your readers to pick 5 of yours and add 5 of their own. We should be able to come up with the top 5 films from all participants based on list duplications. Please drop me a line if you want to do this and I'll count your blog's results. We'll post the names of the movies at the end of September.

Holiday Weekend Stuff

I had a ball this weekend folks!
On Saturday I attended the Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, Georgia. I took MARTA (public transportation) from my home in Riverdale and the ride was great. It seems that the crazies follow a regular workday schedule and no one offered to sell me DVDs or gum or tried to convince me to give my life to Jesus on the ride.

DragonCon was held in Atlanta this weekend too and there were a few interesting looking characters from SciFi/Fantasy land on the train that morning. I was tempted to get off the train and take a quick peek, but one of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks was scheduled to speak at 12:30 and seats were limited so I stayed on my train.

I'm an early bird (I HATE being late!) and I was in Decatur by 9:30 and I had time to look around, get some coffee and attend a seminar.

I live in an apartment and I've killed every plant I've ever known, but I decided to see what Walter Reeves (a locally famous gardener) had to say. He has a radio show and writes a weekly column in the newspaper. He's written quite a few books on gardening. (I paid attention during the intro)

The audience was mainly white haired southern ladies in pearls with a few husbands in attendance but just about everyone was friendly and I sat way in the front of the auditorium next to a sweet faced elder and her boyfriend (they acted as if they were on a date - I decided they were a new couple)

His talk was a lot of fun! He spoke of the reasons he got into gardening and related the story of how his parents met (a set up) and and how his mother was health conscious way back in the 50s.

He had the crowd sing along with a song about gardening. We had to stamp our feet and bang on the benches. I had a ball!

After he spoke I had time to look around downtown Decatur - I walked over to the Children's Pavilion and listened to a story for a few minutes, strolled through the Food Court, had a another coffee, and then browsed through a great little shop that sold imported home accessories. I love stores like this although most of the items are waaaay out of my price range. I just had to buy myself a souvenir of the day and I chose three delicate glass bracelets that were on sale (unbelievably cheap). The owner wrapped them very carefully, gave me a gorgeous gift bag to carry -and treated me like a valued customer. Whenever I run into some cash, I'll make it a point to patronize her shop.

Terry Brooks (author of the Shannara series, the Landover series and more) is an attorney who started writng just for the love of it. He's a New York Times bestselling author and I'm sure he's pretty wealthy, but he was down to earth and genuine. He took time to speak to all of us who waited for autographs - I even met his wife. he talked about his early career, what inspires him, how he developed his characters and his love of the craft. I was charmed by Mr. Brooks.
Tina Mcelroy Ansa (author of the series of books set in the fictional Mulburry, Ga.) spoke in the late afternoon. She read us the first chapter of her new novel and she inspired me - she started a publishing company, DownSouth Press in the spring of this year and I was so moved by some of the things she spoke of that I had to give her something. She was busy signing autographs, so I asked her husband to give her the glass bracelets from the little store for me. He took my hand and led me to the front of the line, introduced me to his wife and Tina was gracious enough to put on the bracelets immediately and she gave me a hug.
The day was perfect! I started writing as soon as I got home, and I didn't stop until maybe two the next morning. I wrote all day on Sunday (I didn't bathe until after 5pm) and then went to a cookout.(future post - I had a ball!)

I spent all day writing on Monday and I'm proud to say that I'm on page 86 of my novel, Granny and the story is getting better and better. I'm learning that my characters have things to say, and that I have to craft the story around the points they need to make. I was crying with Geneva (my star) as I was writing and I think this is going to be really good.

How was your weekend?