Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sick of Reporters Stuff

T.O. (for you non football fans Terrell Owens is a wide receiver who has been the center of sports media attention for quite some time) was interviewed after the Cowboy's loss last night to New Orleans.

I was impressed by his poise, his acceptance of his responsibility along with the rest of the team for their loss and his refusal to bad mouth anyone at all.

Despite T.O's outstanding effort to avoid conflict by choosing his words wisely, the reporters continued to ask leading questions, it seemed they were hoping to create controvery by using a negative soundbite for a front page story.

He called The Saint's offense "explosive" while maintaining that his own team is good. He said that he was happy to be a Cowboy.

He's been criticized for off the cuff statements made to the media - he's had words (I'm sure) taken out of context and used against him. The camera follows him for reaction shots instead of giving us the replay the viewers really want.

It's true that Terrell Owens has made mistakes in his life - in his career - in his time as a Cowboy, but this overdose of scrutiny is getting to be ridiculous. He is not the devil incarnate (my ex-husband holds that position very proudly) and the kid should be left alone sometimes.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

TV Stuff

Seems as though ranting is my thing.

I'll start with the local news today. I'm sick and tired of the newscasters taunting the poor weatherperson because they don't like the forecast.

"Jim, I wanted to play golf today and all you can tell me is that it's going to rain. C'mon and bring us some sun." (laughter in the background audible since this is obviously soooo hilarious)

I would love to see the tables turned just once!

The newscaster finishes his report about a string of robberies and shootings in the downtown area. The weatherperson has something to say.

"Bill, I wanted to walk downtown safely today and all you can report is crime. Enough with the murders! C'mon, bring us some better news." (cue laughter of the crew)

I'm sick of the "only on 11-Alive" stories. If it's really news then all the major stations will carry it by 11pm. Your "exclusive" regarding the high price of haircuts for kiddies this fall isn't necessary.

I'm tired of the false camraderie of the "news team". The promos for the news (strange concept when you think about it) indicate that the team lives, works and plays together. They pose these days like the actors of the WB did back in the day (here I go with that worn out phrase again) with either the serious newscaster look or the sappy smile frozen on their heavily made up faces.

I feel as though the actual news is much more important than the personalities involved and that I can do without a profile of the sports guy. It's nice that he has children, but his family isn't news. Giving us 3 minutes of his kid playing Pop Warner football is wasted filler.

I really dislike the news people going over the top about the local sports teams as though they didn't go over the top in the other market they just transferred from. I think it's okay to report news from Atlanta and still be loyal to YOUR sports team. I think it's okay to report news from Atlanta and NEVER share your personal likes and dislikes with the public. I just want the news.

I can't imagine making Channel 9's website my homepage. I'm told I could have "up to the minute" weather and traffic reports if I do it. Instead I look out my window for rain. No rain then I assume I'll stay dry. I'm in Atlanta. I KNOW the traffic is going to suck. I can figure out the degree of suckage based on the time of day or the season of the year.

Rubbing hands together in that sexy villianous way. Who will be my next target? Hmmmm.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Rant Stuff


In some circumstances, stopping to see the lights is a great thing. Homes and businesses are adorned to celebrate the holidays and many enjoy the creativity of those who decide to celebrate the season. (see Beauty and the Beer's posts with photos http://www.beautyandthebeer.com/)

In other circumstances, stopping to see the lights is just idiotic. THERE IS NO REASON TO SLOW DOWN OR STOP IF AN OFFICER IS WRITING A TRAFFIC TICKET. We know that the lights are purdy, but we want to get to work. (Yes, you on the Connector this morning!)

What's up with the holiday ties that DON'T MATCH ANY OTHER PART OF YOUR OUTFIT? I'm happy to see so many feeling the spirit of the holiday, but ties should match your suit! "Whimsical" is a look better achieved by infants. You look strange.

Hint - you don't look cute without a coat when it's 20 degrees outside. You look like you just got robbed.

A Bush/Cheyney sticker driver cut me off this morning. I should have expected it since in their mind, I'm sure they were just maximizing their commute and I would have been acceptable collateral damage if I had crashed.

We're doing a "white elephant" holiday gift exchange at the office. We've been told to spend less that $10 since it's just for fun. I'll bet someone (one of the better paid of the office) goes to the $ .99 store for their gift - and I'll get stuck with it. Last year I got a FREE (to the donor) tee shirt that someone didn't want. I traded it for a Magic 8 Ball (woot-woot!) by a holy person who considered it the work of the devil. I made most of my decisions last year based on Mr. Magic. (shut up!)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm Full of It Stuff

Yeah, yeah - I know. I'm full of "it", but this post is about the opinions of different things I'm full of. We'll talk about the other full of another day.

I'll start with commercials (I love this topic!)

The new Dunkin' Doughnuts commercial has a catchy little tune about the "foreign" words that other coffee houses use. When did "latte" become a word in English? I know that almost everyone understands what a latte is, but the word has been adopted since our obsession with coffee drinks began. When I was young the choices for coffe beverages were, black, dark, regular or light. The song asks, "is it French or is it Italian?" It's Italian.

I love the commercial for the Heissman Trophy with all the mascots racing through the city. I play a little game with myself to see how many I can recognize, and I shout them out (even if I'm alone which is kind of sad when you think about it). The one I never miss is "the Yellowjackets!". The exclamation point is there 'cause that's how I say it every time.

I still hate all the diamond commercials. "Every kiss begins with Kaye." Such bullshit. Every kiss should begin with genuine love for your dude. We are not diamond whores and don't hold out on giving affection based on holiday gifts. The Jared Jewelers commercials are even worse - we are not screaming banshee bitches who would refuse a gift because it came from the wrong store.

There's a goofy commercial for I truck that I like since it's imaginative - the truck is accidently dropped and goes through the different layers of the eart, finally ending up (and upright) in China. The center of the earth creatures are just what I imagined and will continue to believe in.

I hate the f%$*ing "priceless" cartoon for MasterCard because of the gross inaccuracy - the commercial quotes "turkey dinner with all the fixings: $55." In what magic land can a household full of people be fed for $55? It just irks me.

I'm sick of the Lexus commercials with the car outside with the big red bow and the two neighbors both hoping it's a gift for them. In my house major purchases are discussed. Period.

The Volvo commercial with the cute little girl singing irks me too. The implication that if I love my family I have to buy a Volvo is irritationg as hell. My kids love my 1989 MX6!

I don't want to see any more "Krystal Stories". This woman actually says that her coworkers "love her" because she brings them breakfast. Pretty smug aintcha? Oooh - if I want love at work I'll buy it too. Another Krystal Story is by these college dudes who try to eat 12 packs of burgers in 3 minutes. Gross! (I also am a White Castle lover and don't like these imitation burgers at all)

Taco Bell is trying to condition me to expect a "Fourth Meal". WTF???! Isn't obesity a big problem in our country? Now there's a high calorie, high carb, high fat "fourth meal" that we should expect from now on. Great.

Jared of Subway fame is annoying as hell too. We're all glad that you lost weight 10 years ago but c'mon, you're a snarky idiot and the anti McD's commercials are bullshit. I'm not McD's advocate, but their salads, low fat desserts, juices and fruit choices are a pretty good effort. You commercial claims that nothing on their menu is low fat.

Speaking of McDonalds I HATE the commercial where the guy calls his roommate to say he brought chicken sandwiches for lunch. He answers his roommate's questions about mornings like SUCH an asshole, "It's called a Jobbbbbbb..." I want to smack the black off his face. (old saying from my hood - don't be so sensitive).

I have never had and never will have a "happy period." Who makes up this shit? Bah humbug, Kotex.

The dropped calls commercials irk me too. I automatically check my phone if I can't hear the caller speaking. These folks who keep talking must be new to celly use or something.

I feel a little sorry for the 4 dorks with pastel work shirts from the various cell companies who only have each other to talk to. That's a sad life. (I hate the commercials!)

Oh, I have more.... I'll save them for another day.