Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Link Stuff (Lazy Post Stuff)

Irritating game - addictive though... http://www.dailyhaha.com/_flash/jeu_chiant.swf

More addiction: http://www.bounceawayonline.com/balltoucher.html

One of my favorites: http://www.eyezmaze.com/grow/cube/ - try the other links for other grow games.

Have you solved this? : http://www.fasco-csc.com/works/viridian/index_e.php

Great movie stuff: http://www.stationerymovies.com/


Mr. Fabulous said...

Why do you want to do this to me? You know I am highly impressionable and have an addictive personality...

Curse you!

Dirk_Star said...

Hey Mocha love!

How was the vacation?

Merry Christmas and welcome back!

jali said...

mr. fab,

oh...but it's soooo much fun to pull others into the Twilight Zone.

Hey dirk,
Vacation was great! How was your holiday?

CP said...

You always have the best links. Merry Christmas my beautiful friend.


~d said...

I like to find the goofy blog quizzes...and then TAKE THEM!

Merry, Merry gurrl!
Now, I have to go check out what choo sayin 'bout TO...b/c yea, I like TO.

Let it be known I am a SAINTS fan!!

awaiting said...

Dang! I was up all night last night fooling around with these links.

Let's just say, I will never be bored again.

Annoyed and mad as hell, but never bored.

Thanks for the links.

Fairmaiden327 said...

Happy New Year!

NWJR said...

Since I don't see an e-mail link on your site, I'll respond here to something you wrote in the comments section of LBB's site:

"I followed the breastfeeding link from the comment above - that "Sean" poster is the biggest ass I've read today.

Just to clarify:

* I support the law that I quoted.
* I think it's sad that the anti-breastfeeding cabal has made it necessary to require such a law.
* I'm glad to see the normally uber-conservative LBB come down on the correct side of this issue.

Hope that clears up my point, which I think you missed. If we disagree on this important issue, then I'm honored to be considered an "ass" in your eyes.

hot coffee girl said...

Happy New Year, Jali! Now get your ass back here and post something new and funny and brilliant. Kthxbai.

Cece said...

Happy New Year!

Dirk_Star said...

Happy New Year hot and sassy girl who is sorely missed!

Come back to the light...

Amadeo said...

Bon Annee, post soon, my vacation is over and I cannot be expected to jump right into working.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

hey i found you by way of /t and lamb. i read a few of your posts.....im in atlanta too and i have had it with the tyranny of local news as well. dont you just love those LIVE reports from the airport? how about standing in front of the building where something happened yesterday? channel 2 is the worst offender, they pre-empt for anything:

we bring you a live special report (in the middle of the final episode of the last ever season of....) of a burning apartment building in lilburn....


agree on T.O....i like him


C said...

Can't look - my new year's resolution is no more excessive addicting stuff - just kidding.

~Macarena~ said...

I only got 15 of the 20 movies. I'm taking the images too literally!