Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years' Stuff

Yeah right. I guess I'm supposed to write about all the "new and improved" happenings in my life since it's another new year. (Yawn)

Nothing new - nothing improved.

It's the same ole' crap from last year, recycled.

I joined a new gym. (We all KNOW how goofy I can be at the gym). I'm sore as hell today - my arms might just fall off and my stomach really aches (but the people at the gym KNOW who's the best at working out)

I'm back on a semi-Atkins/ coffee-OD diet. Whenever I get hungry I drink another cup of coffee. (my system is CLEAN! I mean CLEAN!!!).

My last carb (I tremble at the thought) was a delicious french fry at a restaurant in South Atlanta on Tuesday. My last real carb is a better explanation for that mouthful of crunchity goodness. The carbs found in foods I don't want or like don't count in my opinion.

I really didn't plan to start the diet then, but I said, "these are my last carbs" to my lunch companion as I ordered the mushroom swissburger (medium) and once I say the words out loud, the laws of the universe force me to comply. Non-compliance creates additional cottage cheese on thighs.

I said the words at lunch to a blogger that lives in the metro area (who despite all her positive attributes {smart, funny, pretty and f*^$in' slim like a model} I still like) since the person is in excellent shape and I am not. I suppose I was trying to justify my urge for fatty hi-carb food at the moment. (healthy girl had hummis - grrrrrr).

I can't describe "healthy chick" to you readers since she prefers not to post a photo on her blog so I suppose she doesn't want to be identified online. (the surgery went pretty well and her hair will grow back eventually{so she said}) name hint: movie starring Clint Eastwood as a DJ.

I'm not allowed to mention her real name here either. (why I make foolish promises I just don't know, cause I'm DYING to tell you what her parents actually named her)

What's in YOUR wallet? (C'mon allow me a stupid and current cultural reference here folks - I got nothin' else)


~d said...

~d heart Jali

Dirk_Star said...

Welcome Back!

Bah, diets...

I hate em.

At my age, it is about what I enjoy and not about how I look.

M-m-m-m... Tasty carbs...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Happy New Year, Jali!

Do you really intend to go through 2007 w/o fries? How much more beautiful do you need to be, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Feel the burn, Jali.

Enjoy the gym, but most of all, enjoy the steam bath.


Nölff said...

I've been hearing about carbs all day. Everyone in the office is on a diet except me. I eat donuts in front of them.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

no mac n cheese? harsh!

i call that coffee diet the STAG diet.
*shyt through a goose"

if i would just lay off beer i would lose weight. hey who snuck in here and sewed an innertube around my gut?


Superstar said...

Good hot steamy sex will give you a good workout! LOL :O) *snort*

WHO IS IT?!?!?! WHO come on!!!


It's Killing me....
~goes to goole Clint Eastwood movies~

mist1 said...

The hummus was tasty. I skipped the pita (carbs, you know). Thanks for giving me access to french fries. If someone else orders them, they are calorie free.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

OK, I'll let the cat out of the bag.

I'm "healthy chick".

I'm back.

C said...

Dieting is hard but portion control might be better than completely taking it off the menu.

Little Lamb said...

dieting is no fun, and its hard.

Lex said...

OK, go ahead and use my name. But just this once.

Christina_the_wench said...

Happy NO Diet New Year!

*blows NYE horn and throws fries at her*

Life without carbs is sadistic. Think it over.

~Macarena~ said...

So her name isn't the name of that movie? I knew a girl w/ that name, and it was perfect as part of her full name.

No carbs? Even Brian Kinney just restricted himself to "no carbs after 7:00" P.M.

djn said...

Welcome back, Jali -- I missed you!!

Back to the gym, eh? I don't go. I like to exercise outside so my dog and I run or walk 4-5 miles each day -- even through the snow. Occasionally I also jump rope for 30-60 minutes.

I hope you don't stay on your "no carb" thing. Your body NEEDS them.

I think the trick is to eat tons of fruits & veggies while keeping in mind that your stomach is not much bigger than your fist so don't eat more than your fist is big.