Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Poetry Stuff

Last night I read a poem at Javaology, a cool little coffee house in downtown Atlanta. Two bloggers from Atlanta were there - I met Mist1 couple of weeks ago for lunch and drinks. The other, THE DRAGON (what's with the shouting, dude) heard me read, but I didn't know he was from Bloggerland until this morning. I'm looking forward to formally meeting him. (I may have hugged him - that's something I do at these events since the peace/love vibe is strong. If not, I'll be sure to hug him next week)

I love spoken word exchanges. Reading to an audience that's really listening to what I have to say is great for the soul. The feedback they share that lets me know that they "got it" is amazing.

Here's what I read:

True Love

How do I express my love?
How can I share the feeling of joy I’ve felt since this began?
Again. Yes, again.

We start anew.

Should I close my eyes, imagining the last time…
Replaying those moments in slow, slow motion?

The dance.
The poetry
The ecstasy of movement.
The perfect execution of a perfect move.

I shudder with delight – replaying the magic.
I scream again as I did then.
Unable to hold back the feeling.
Unable to quietly sit and allow things to just happen.

I must take part in this.
I have my role to play.
I am a part of the whole.
My screams will not go unanswered.

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Aw hell yeah!

Football season’s back! (Last night I said "Superbowl" instead of "football season".)

Time for me to read and comment all over the net.


Kiyotoe said...

it was a good time. A cool experience for sure.

Sorry about the yelling....i like to get my point across.

Sadly, i got no hug. I was there with two other bloggers as well. Mist invited me and so who can resist Mist?

The crazy part is that we stood behind you guys all night and didn't figure out who Mist was until the ride home.

Crazy right?

hot coffee girl said...

Love the poem. You are a bit insane. But I love it.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Holy cow. You met Mist1? Sweet.

Great name for a coffee house. Javaology.

mist1 said...

I cannot resist.

Jali, I love you and all, but I can't be expected to be sober and deal with the man who thinks revolutionarize is a real word.

No, it wasn't Jesse Jackson.

I'll be back next week. Dragon better say something or he's dropped from Bloglines.

Superstar said...

Can I use this 4 my lit class?
LOL ;o)
How cool is that? I wish I could do that more.
When I lived in SEA and PDX the local Starbucks would have "open Mic night" all the time...

Lex said...

So Jali!

I want to go to Javaology with all the cool bloggers.

Steph said...

A chick that likes poetry AND football. You're one of a kind Miss jali.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Beautiful poem. Kind of Elizabeth Barrett Browning in modern language.

I wish I'd been there. Meeting fellow bloggers sounds almost clandestine. How cool to find that we're actually real people because it's easy to lose sight of that fact.