Monday, December 11, 2006

Sick of Reporters Stuff

T.O. (for you non football fans Terrell Owens is a wide receiver who has been the center of sports media attention for quite some time) was interviewed after the Cowboy's loss last night to New Orleans.

I was impressed by his poise, his acceptance of his responsibility along with the rest of the team for their loss and his refusal to bad mouth anyone at all.

Despite T.O's outstanding effort to avoid conflict by choosing his words wisely, the reporters continued to ask leading questions, it seemed they were hoping to create controvery by using a negative soundbite for a front page story.

He called The Saint's offense "explosive" while maintaining that his own team is good. He said that he was happy to be a Cowboy.

He's been criticized for off the cuff statements made to the media - he's had words (I'm sure) taken out of context and used against him. The camera follows him for reaction shots instead of giving us the replay the viewers really want.

It's true that Terrell Owens has made mistakes in his life - in his career - in his time as a Cowboy, but this overdose of scrutiny is getting to be ridiculous. He is not the devil incarnate (my ex-husband holds that position very proudly) and the kid should be left alone sometimes.


/t. said...

give me
his 6 or 7
figure salary
and i'll gladly
handle all of his media heat

then again, isn't that what we pay him to do?


Amadeo said...

I always find one thing funny about T.O. - Marvin Harrison. The latter is called classy and great. While the former is a team destroyer, but who's had more national endorsements? Who do you see more. People say he needs to shut up and play...first I say to them...shut up...then I ask if he's doing all the wrong things, why is he rewarded?

CP said...

I just think sometimes we put too much pressure on people in the media spotlight. We all say and do stupid things, only we aren't under a microscope when it occurs. Live and let live...except Mel Gibson and Michael Richards.



Mr. Fabulous said...

Wait...I'M not the devil incarnate?

Damn it...

~Macarena~ said...

Sadly, happy news is not good news. See Shut Up & Sing has made me think about celebrities as people. Only the most phony people can be on all the time, and so-called journalists shouldn't harass anyone who's granted them an interview.

J-Bigg said...

I am glad to see there are actually people out there that feel the same way I do about T.O. and the media. The media tries to pick this cat apart every chance they get. My all time, most hated T.O./media moment, is when the media tried to say that because T.O. would rather have someone "like" Brett Favre at the helm of his team instead of Donovon McFagg, everyone said he threw his teammate under the bus. They even tried to turn it into a race thing. It had nothing to do with race. Brett Favre gets the ball off by any means necessary. Sometimes it leads to a turnover, sometimes it leads to "the greatest football play anyone has ever seen" Flatout, dude takes chances. Donovon McFagg had nagging injuries all last year, and his performance suffered because of it, and T.O. said something about it. I think it's unfair for fans and EVERYONE else to make mention of something, but when a professional athlete says the exact same thing in front of a tape recorder or camera, he's SATAN, selfish, and not a team player.

mist1 said...

I thought he killed himself.

Liz said...

THANK YOU! Folks act like he's the NFL equivalent of Osama bin Laden. Granted, the commercial last year with Nicollete Sheridan was pretty tasteless, but she was in it too and I don't see folks talking about her in such a negative fashion. She's supposedly awesome because she's marrying Michael Bolton. He gets the loaded questions. That's the way our world is though.

jali said...


Isn't it crazy?

I've done and said some stuff I wouldn't want anyone to know about.

mr. fab,
Are you my ex?

I'm glad yo0u said "so called" since sensatinalists aren't real journalists in my opinion. They're just going for the dollar - not the story.

I still don't see why the wide receiver that's taking the team (The Eagles)to the Superbowl became the most hated man in Philly based on an interview. Look at the back up QB vs McNabb's recent record. Kind of backs his words up.

Freedom of speech in the "city of love" doesn't extend to sports icons.

jali said...


I'm coming over for a visit! Have any Bombay???

Rahsaan said...

Just cause I love this debate:

The NFL was fine with that commercial when they had it shot.

The team killer title is weak. How one man can ruin a team of 50 guys and a organization is beyond me. Me and one friend wouldn't have that much trouble with one person.

The whole "All the money they make" argument kills me as well. People don't think about all that they sacrifice just to be in a position to get considered for the NFL (See NCAA rules). All for a profession that can end in one play, move you around on a whim, whose contracts aren't as good as agreements I could make with a bookie. Most people wouldn't be willing to put all the work that goes into being a good player in the NFL. All that and their still underpaid in contrast to what they make for the league.

SKp said...

Personally, I can't stand the guy, but I'd never call him evil. I'm really tired of hearing about him. Wherever he goes he tends to rip his teammates apart, and fracture the locker room. He did it in San Fran, Philly, and now he's even caused some problems in Dallas. True enough, the media is partially to blame, but they wouldn't be that way if the guy was a team player and cared about others.

Dirk_Star said...

I couldn't agree more!

T.O. is getting a bad rap and has been since the whole Eagle fiasco!

McNabster and the Eagles front office smeared him to cover up their own inadequacies. The eagles and McNabb have been nowhere near the Super Bowl since T.O. went elsewhere.

T.O. made Mcnabb a winner...
(t.o. bad he never had the decency to admit it!)

Superstar said...

I think Oprah said it best, "Celebrity just puts a microscope on WHO you are for all to see...good or bad"

I think TO has covered "the ugly" for us all.

It does make me sad to think there are hundreds of thousands of Overdosing people that we NEVER hear about.

mike said...

The trouble with T.O. is once he has the media clinging to him he is on his best behavior. Once they start to forget about him he does or says something stupid to put himself in the spotlight. He is to blame for 90% of the negativity that surrounds himself.

Cruel Virgin said...

I live in Philly and here's how I see T.O.: he is a fantastic football player who did make the Eagles go the distance along with McNabb, but he has narcissitic issues. That's why he acts like an ass. But I really think they should have renegociated the contract. The Eagles suck now.

Awaiting said...

Aren't all atheletes fantastically sexy, talented, gorgeous and prone to making mistakes? Or was that just my thinking? sports here...maybe I should look into it.

Luke Cage said...

The media miss Jali is always going for the homerun story. They'll be the first to push an athlete, a man mind you, a human being making lots and lots of money, but still a human being nonetheless and they expect the person to be a friggin' cyborg and not have any feelings and disassociate themselves from all of these personal questions. Especially questions not related to the damn game. What is that? Why egg the guy on.

Maybe he makes silly and off the cuff comments, and he's narcissistic and all, but at least he's not out shooting up clubs and getting shot at and doing anything unlawful. Get off his ass and leave the guy alone. Dammn! And report only what you know and not what you 'think' you know.. ! Report the latest. The Eagles are a lifetime ago now. Go forward... great post Jali..!

Dallas DYSfunction said...

Jali! You are probably in Dtown and I suck! I havent had a chance to email you like I told FairMaiden I would. I am gonna give it a try tonight and hope you respond! Otherwise I'll have to catch you on your next trip to the Big D.

Christina_the_wench said...

TO has done wonders for my fantasy NLF team. Go you bad boy, you!

Liz said...

No Bombay, but thanks for visiting!

Fairmaiden327 said...

Dear Miss Isolator:

Just wanted to let you know that when you're not around I miss you. Drop by and say hi. Hugs from New York. Shit, you're on a trip aren't you?

djn said...

The devin incarnate is a woman. And she lives in California. And she's my step-son's mother.

C said...

OH sigh - jali's MIA again.

Christina_the_wench said...

Where are you and why haven't you called? *taps foot*

Merry Christmas, Sweetie!

Fairmaiden327 said...

Merry Christmas to you and the Mr. Hugs peace and love. You have my number if you need to talk.

Dirk_Star said...

Merry Christmas!

I'll see you after the holiday.

awaiting said...

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!

Miss Ann Thrope said...

Merry Christmas my friend!

Charred said...

Merry Christmas, Jali!

jali said...

Merry Holidays All!!!

Life is good - no complaints (well, we'll see how the rest of the year goes.)

Hope everyone's dreams came true.

~d said...

Oh hooray! I am NOT alone!
I like TO!

I do!!

Now, let's talk Michael Vick...I thought he was a quarterback, not a running back!

Memphis Steve said...

I had SO hoped the Cowboys could pull it together and have a decent showing in the playoffs. But it was not to be. 4 losses in a row and they were eliminated in their wildcard game. Argh!