Monday, February 26, 2007

Empress of The World Stuff

I went to church yesterday as a guest speaker. (no! the church was NOT struck by lightning, and no there was no flood). It was pretty nice - the people were very warm and friendly and the minister didn't take hours to make his point. I didn't get a special feeling or anything - I guess the spirit decided to give me another pass.

After services, I have a crazy urge for pancakes and since I had a book in my purse I decided to endure the crowds at the local IHOP. The place was packed - as soon as I gave the hostess my name, they called for a party of 26 - crazy! The joint was really jumping and the servers and runners were hard at work.

I was seated about 30 minutes later across from four women. I didn't realize that one of the party was the Empress of the World. She made it clear to her server, the guy bussing the tables near her, the food runners, and all of us nearby.

Her eggs were too cold - her pancakes weren't fluffy enough. "Take it all away" we heard her order the poor server, "and bring me a fresh pot of coffee."

The server took my order with a smile, refilled drinks at her other tables and was walking back towards the kitchen when the Empress summoned her back to her table. "How long is it going to take? My friends are almost finished eating." She pursed her lips and gave the girl a snotty look.

"Ma'am, I was just on the way to check on your order." She hurried off.

I could hear the Empress talking to her friends, "no tip for that chick - horrible service."

Her friends giggled. I was disgusted. Why do people try to find ways to stiff their servers?

The runner timidly placed the eggs and pancakes in front of the Empress. "Wait right here until I check the food."

Her regalness tasted the eggs and inclined her royal head. "These will do."

She tasted the pancakes. (sigh) "Alright. Go ahead." She made a shooing gesture at the runner.

My food was mediocre but the server and runners were hard at work. I decided to overtip to make up for the idiots at the next table. Another couple seemed to agree with me and gave the server a $10 tip and thanked her for excellent service (I'm sure so that the Empress and her table could hear). I did the same thing and felt pretty good walking out of the IHOP.

Donna at tagged me.

Wow! I've been tagged. Hells yeah!

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about him/herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things, as well as state this rule clearly for the next tagged people. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged, and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog that says, "You are tagged," and "tell them to read your blog."

Six weird things about me shouldn't be too difficult - a hard list would be six normal things about me.

1. I speak to my car Guy after he's been parked for a while before I get in. He knows how much I depend on him and I really believe he has a personality. I encourage him - or promise him oil or gas.

2. I truly believe that I'll win a lottery at some point in my life.

3. I love my current job as a receptionist more than any other job I've ever had. When I win the lottery, I'll probably keep working here.

4. I told each of my children that they're my favorite - and each of them believes it.

5. If someone doesn't call me after I've called them, I erase their information from my phone.

6. I'd rather read than do almost anything.

I have to think about tagging someone. Hmmmm.


Luke Cage said...

First of all, I'm shocked that an Empress of the World would actually cower down and and eat at a lowly lil servant-served IHop. Doesn't it seem a little beneath her? -smile

#5 is definitely a qualifier. Although I don't think anything was weird about the others... Hiya Jali!!!

mist1 said...

I want some pancakes. Now.

Amadeo said...

I've had a longing for crepes for a while.

I'm always nice to people that wait on my in anyway...I've gotten alot of freebies from Starbucks recently as a result.

Christina_the_wench said...

I would have called her a bitch loud enough for her to hear. I am socially conscious that way.;)

Matt said...

Know the best part, Jalil? After ALL of that abuse, the woman leaves NO tip.

I mean, had the server known there was to be no tip....

CeCe said...

What a beeyotch?! As a rule I always try to tip a little extra. I once had a friend who was a server say that some of the people at his shi-shi restaurant didn't really like to get young people or minorities b/c we don't tip well. He was one of us and said for the most part it "seemed" true. Ever since then I've been doing my part to dispel that ugly and ridculous sterotype.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

There are few things worse than stiffing a waitperson. The work is horrible, demanding and often degrading, and they make less than minimum wage because their tips are supposed to bring them up to that level.

I have always believed that many people go to restaurants because they want to abuse someone who has to take it.

I'm glad you overtipped. Everyone should. And a person who mistakes IHOP for Lutece in her expectations should be confined to eating rotten bread crusts in a dank basement for a very long time.

CeCe said...
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CeCe said...

Also, I took the tag. Cuz yeah I'm presumptious enough to think I would be one of the people you would've asked. ;-)

Trying2BMe said...

I totally hate people like that and to be honest, I bet her "friends" laugh about her when she isn't around. If she'll treat a stranger that way, can you imagine how she treats those closest to her? UGH... good for you and those other people that pointed out how good the server was doing and how big of a bitch she was being :)

C said...

I hate people who make a big stink about the food to the waiter - go talk to the manager if you are that unsatisfied with the food.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Those are six very sweet things, Jali. And God bless you for your gesture at the IHOP.

awaiting said...

I would have been inclined to accidently pour syrup on her...head.

~d said...

HAHAHA! I love your #6!
That is so something I have done and will prob do again!

dirk.mancuso said...

Jali, I don't find any of those things weird at all -- I find them endearing.

What I do find weird is that YOU have not been crowned Empress of the World. You are one of the few who wouldn't let the title go to her head.

~Macarena~ said...

I really hate it when people are rude to anyone in a subserviant position. Even if the server does poorly, it's more than I'm willing to do. It might be a bad day or whatever, and since I am paying for the pleasure of being served while I sit on my sweet ass, I try to minimize instruction, especially if I'm in a group, and I'll ask for what I want, but I don't complain. I never send food back, and I've only once had something I just couldn't eat.

Good for you for tipping extra. I've started paying 20%, which is easier math!

restaurant gal said...

WHAT? There are self-entitled, over-indulged restaurant patrons? I don't know of what you speak...:)