Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Complaining Stuff

1. I'm sick to death of the Oil of Olay commercials featuring 22 year old models illustrating how well their "age defying" shit works. Do they think we're really that stupid?

2. I'm sick of the car commercials quoting prices and showing vehicles with a small print disclaimers advising that cars as shown are about 6,000 bucks more than the prices they just quoted. All of the car companies do it.

3. I'm sick of late night TV being "sell you some stupid shit you don't need" for 3 easy payments of $29.95 time. Natural cures the gov't doesn't want you to know about, weight loss miracle drugs, hip-hop abs, penny stock investments, miracle workout your lower abs balls, government home auctions, clear your acne like Britney did in these (retouched) photos, make you glow - then get you a man miracle face powders, Jack LaLane miracle juicers, choppers, fryers, broilers, steamers, dehydrators, vacuumers, air purifyers - these are almost all available for 4 - no, call within the next 6 minutes and we'll make it just 3 easy payments of $29.95.

4. I'm sick of the phone company offer to try our service for a month and if you don't like it, the calls are on us - yeah, but you're still stuck with their phone.

5. I'm sick of the Allstate commercial claiming new car replacement (if you pay the premium) for up to 3 years if your car is totaled. I wonder how many cars the adjusters actually concede are totaled and how many they claim can be repaired.

6. I'm sick to death of playlists on every FM station. Payola must die!

7. I'm sick of TV newspeople trying to make themselves celebrities. Just read the news!

8. I'm sick of Rosie O'Donnel. I don't care about anything to do with her life.

9. I'm sick of Britney/Paris/Lindsay/etc.(same M.O. different names)

10. I'm sick of the Republican Party. Period! The Democrats aren't far behind.

What are you sick of?


Webmiztris said...

I'm definitely sick of all of that. Re: #1, I think dealerships should have to give you the car price AFTER all of the taxes and everything added on. It's such a dirty trick!

EsLocura said...

I am not only sick of all of those but I am damn sick of the demands by everyone else, can't anyone fucking do anything for themselves or by themselves anymore? And what the hell happened to manners/respect? of course, I'm also sick of being so damn sick of everything.

mist1 said...

I'm sick of having to get up and pour my own damn wine.

Little Lamb said...

The thing I'm dreading is those TV political ads that say so and so approved this message. If its something good about you, yes you do approve of that message. If its bad the other guy said it. I think that's rather obvious. Why do our politicians treat us like idiots?

Oh yeah, I'm sick of what I'm dreading.

Little Lamb said...

Thank you for mentioning me in your last post.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Oh this is too easy! I'm sick of "The Shrub" in the White House. He needs to go back to Texas and stay there.

Rhys said...

Get 'em, Jali, get 'em!!!

I am so effin' over those damn Geico(?) caveman commercials. The first one wasn't funny. The 12 millionth one sure isn't.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Yes, the veryveryyoung models advertising age-reversal skin care products is a major bane of mine, too.

Also, the commercials that have animated "actors" which are really Photoshopped photos - so they don't have to pay residuals to actual actors.

I am so sick of Paris & Co. that I may vomit if she appears on another magazine cover. WHY does anyone give a damn about her? I sure don't.

And I'm sick of both Bush and Schwarzenneger. I vish dey vould both go bock to Chermany or Texas und leaff us alone.

Elaine said...

I'm sick of 9 and 10 too.
But what I'm really sick of??
AXe commercials.

Downright ugly trainwrecked looking dudes getting super hot chicks because of a cologne???? Give me a break. The sad thing is..art does imitate life. One of my best friends (who's pretty hot) is engaged to the ugliest (inside AND out) douchebag in history. The former nerds, who are now hollywood producers, are making their childhood dreams come true.
I'm just sick to death of all the eyecandy for men that's on television and us women have to be "deeper" than that and appreciate the "great personality" in blah looking fellows.
Fuck that.
Where's the abs?

Rhys said...

Good one, Elaine. Plus, I smelled that stuff in the store and it STINKS!

I'm also sick of dumbass TV execs cancelling brilliant shows and leaving crap on the air. Why not ask the viewers what they want?! Damn!

Trying2BMe said...

I'm sick of all the things you listed and the blah, blah, blah ramblings of radio personalities who think everyone gives a rat's ass about their opinions or lives. Just play freakin music already!!!

Breez said...

I'm sick of the "ropeless jump rope." Well, it's not a effing rope at all, now is it? On top of that, it's $60. And the cherry is that jackasses are bying that shit. Morons.