Monday, June 11, 2007

Bunch 'O Stuff

Are you in the mood for some rambling on and on, with no real main point?

Here ya go:
I'm a walking, talking (well sometime mumbling) racial stereotype - so I've been told by unnamed family menbers. I love fried chicken and watermelon is my favorite fruit. I'm an embarrassment to some. (sidetrack" I hate the words "embarrasado" and "hysteria" because of they seem to imply that pregnancy is an embarrassment and that hysteria is a women's thing) back to our story

I have family members that don't want me to order these delicious treats when out in public. They want to keep my behavior a secret. These family members would probably try to "pass" if they were a little lighter in complexion and anything that points to "non-mainstream" as one cousin calls it is taboo to them. (sellouts!!!)

These are the same family members who looked at me in disgust when I first started loc'ing my hair and my head was covered in the little baby nubs. (you cut all processed or relaxed hair off so that your hair will loc and the new growth is twisted into little baby dreads which I call nubs). One relative started calling me "Whoopie" (for Ms. Goldberg) - another asked if I were a gay radical since I "wanted to look like one". Yet another would hum the "Roots" theme music when I'd walk into a room. These are college educated people with ingrained self hatred I suppose.

I didn't realize how closed minded my own family could be - or how much some of them judge a persons's worth by their appearance.

I can be cruel sometimes, so if I find myself out and about with one of these pretentious biddies, I'll always be sure to order my chicken fried and my watermelon cool. The horrified looks on their faces is always worth it.

I don't dislike Paris Hilton. If paparazzi followed me 24/7, I'll bet they'd find some dirt to publish. I don't run around "commando" style (except possibly on laundry day) so there wouldn't be interesting snatch photos, but I'm not as sweet as I used to be. (can anyone name the movie the bold face quote is taken from?) and I'd probably be caught doing something embarrassing.

It's true that Paris has been a bit of a media hound, but I think that it's gotten way out of her control. I didn't laugh when she was sent back to jail last week. I tried to imagine the feeling of being confined even just for a week and I hope she's okay. (I just got stopped for tags and could have gone to jail myself - the officer was pretty cool in just writing me a ticket.) If her mother had given her more than just an appreciation for material things then she may not be in this situation. If I can have empathy for others without home training, then I can feel concerned for Paris Hilton too.

Confession time:
I've been watching quite a bit of Far from reality TV. I'm fascinated by the girls in "Charm School". Fascinated. No one I know speaks the way they do, dresses like them or fights so easily. It's like watching a National Geographic special on hyenas or tarantulas - they're ugly but interesting.

I've also been watching the "Real World Reunion" of the Las Vegas group. Oh. My. God. (this time TV character quote). The two black chicks, Alyssa and Aryanne (however you spell it) are such dramatic little twerps. They're either crying, shouting or doing that black girl neck thing. I can't seem to look away.

Saddest confession - I watch "My Sweet Sixteen" in horror, but I keep tuning in. Total lack of class or kindness and these are children. The parents (loosely using term) are idiots with too much money.

In the last month or two I've also watched Australia's Next Top Model, America's Next Top Model, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and Top Chef.

I think I need to step away from the television.


Amadeo said...

The TV wants to own us! Jesus Christ Monkey Balls. I didn't laugh at Paris...but I smiled a deep smile. To hell with her I say. She has to take the weight. If anyone else had been caught up like that we'd have gone to jail and been out by now. It's hard for me having seen my clients sit in jail (one a year and 4 months) just waiting for a trial.

Superstar said...

Sugar, we are who we are and be proud that your family passed you traditions. NOW, with in reason of course. My family on my Mothers side is from the south, and Robert E Lee is an great great great great something...My fathers side is all Yankee...Scary.

So imagine that at Christmas! LOL ;o)

Anyway I love my fried foods and watermelon too.

I saw an episode of "charm school" and I was so impressed. I like Monique. She RAWKS!
Loved her in her TV show and the movie Phat girlz. ;)
***** 5 Stars for her!

mist1 said...

I really dislike watermelon. I really like cantaloupe.

Shonda-Land said...

Woot for Charm School!!! I'm so glad to see that Brooke is gone; she's in so much denial and when she sees how she's behaving hopefully she will be mortified. Or maybe not.

I'm torn over the whole Paris Hilton thing, also. Jail is not fun. I can't imagine being stuck there for a long period of time and having been accustomed to the lifestyle she is, I can believe that she is having a breakdown. I'm really hoping she learns, but we'll see when she gets out.

EsLocura said...

I wasn't moved about the whole Paris thing at all, I'm kinda sick of all the rich girls who cry when they don't get away with being rich girls. On another note I had an aunt say I couldn't be Puerto Rican because I spoke english and had an education, duh was I suppose to aim for barefoot and pregnant?

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The attitudes of those relatives are as archaic as the Jim Crow lawless "laws."

As far as I know, I'm not black and I love watermelon. Fried chicken, too. I feel sorry for people who have no pride in who they are, and even sorrier for the children they raise. How can you send a child into the world apologizing for himself? It's just wrong.

Your views on Paris Hilton are kinder than mine. I do know better, but can't manage it in her case.

restaurant gal said...

It's just food, for God's sake. Eat! Enjoy! I do.

As for Paris, I know I would want to die if either of my kids went to jail, even for an hour. In the end, she's just someone's dumb kid causing her parents all kind of angst.

Luke Cage said...

Ahhh, finally a woman who watches television as much as I do. We don't watch the same programs, but I surmise if me and you were together, we'd each have separate televisions in our respective spots. Do you watch any law enforcement reality shows miss Jali? Cops, America's Most Wanted, Wildest Police chases, etc.???

Webmiztris said...

I like fried chicken and watermelon too. maybe I'm a black woman trapped in a white woman's body! ;)

I CANNOT watch My Supersweet 16! I know they're just children, but if I could drag them into and alley and beat the shit of them and didn't have to worry about getting 'Hiltoned' for doing it, I'd be getting some prissy, spoiled, daddy's girl ASS. LOL

( said...

I love love love this post!
You have no clue how much sista I got in me!
(we) laugh b/c the mother person is from Mississippi and well, one never knows, do one?

( said...


that is me!


melanie said...

When I linked over from Hobby's site, i did it because you look so cool! Fugget about the peeps that say, "you should be" they are totally self absorbed.

My guilty viewing includes America's Next Top Model too. I watched two episodes of Celebrity Dance... I have heard all about Sweet Sixteen, and can't wait to view the horror of that production.

good to find you!

James Burnett said...

That self-hate thing is funny. Not ha ha funny, but crazy funny. I posted today on an article a colleague had in my paper about it. It involves hair straightening too. You should come over and check it out. The level of self-hate of the people featured in the article will blow your mind.

As for Paris, I just can't feel bad for her. She fed the media beast and encouraged "it" to help create her. All jokes aside though, I hope she has her "come to Jesus" moment while she's in there and comes out sober and with a sudden infusion of good sense and compassion.

And I have the same apologies to make for TV. Charm School, SS16, Vegas Reunion? Can't help it. My wife and I watch 'em like addicts.

Anne said...

You go with your cute little baby curls and watermelon. Be yourself.

In case you haven't seen this site already, it sounds like you might like it: AfroSpear is a black "think tank" focusing on self-determination, and teamwork to solve problems in the black community. Go take a look. :)