Friday, October 19, 2007

Retread Stuff

I'm much greener than I was in May when I wrote this little piece. I no longer drive "Guy" the 50 mile roundtrip to work every day. I ride in a commuter van with 8 other sweet people, and I've made a great friend because of the ride.

Here are my thoughts from back in May:

I commute to Buckhead from Riverdale daily and I want to share my thoughts with that guy.

That guy is the driver who fights to position himself in the far left lane then decides that going with the flow of traffic is too much to ask of him, so drives 10 or so MPH slower than all the other cars on the highway (except the poor drivers behind him).

Dear That guy,

I realize that I am not an emperor of the world (as you obviously are) so should feel honored that you cut me off this morning in your haste to get into the far left lane of the "Connector" this morning. I'm beginning to understand that I probably don't need to drive at the speed I wish - you're there to regulate the speed of all the cars behind you and the crisp 40 MPH you determined should have been good enough for me. It was really fun watching all the cars jump in front of you, delaying us further.

I leave my home at 7am so that I'll make it to work by the 8:30 start time my boss has dictated. I drove behind you wondering if you were self employed with no appointments since you obviously were enjoying the lovely view of the downtown highway and were in no rush to get anywhere.

I made 2 efforts to pass you. Each time you sped up and drove bumper to bumper with the car ahead of you to prevent my move.

I want to thank you for ensuring that I don't suffer from low blood pressure (marked increase in my numbers I'm sure during the ride).

I have on last thought for you: *^&%^&(*( ^&^%&^ )*(&*&^^!!!!!!!!

Now that I ride in the HOV lane (I say H.O.V. and my daughter Brooke says hov - like it's a word - she's wrong of course, but she lives in Delaware and that's how they are up there) I see the emperors blocking traffic every day. I'm thrilled as I speed past them.

I suppose this is a commercial for ride sharing - help save the planet and lower your blood pressure at the same time. I'm saving time and money too. My monthly cost is $87.50 - MUCH cheaper than the $60 parking bill I paid plus the cost of 4 tanks of gas per month. Think about it - maybe you can form a car or van pool in your community - or join an exisiting one.


Mega Rich said...

I've often thought of joining a carpool, but I like being able to jump in my ride when I feel like it. Maybe I'll try it this winter when my life slows down a bit.

Steph said...

haha! If only you could have left that note under his windscreen wiper.

phishez_rule said...

Damn people are stooopid. I walk to work where possible. The only days I don't walk are when the weather won't permit, or I'm in desperate need of the half hour sleep in.

James Burnett said...

Ha ha ha! Jali, if you want your bloodpressure to stay high, come drive in Miami for a few days. I'm trying to feel sympathy for you, but I'm 'bout to start driving with a flame thrower in my car to get the attention of drivers like the one you wrote about here.

BTW, your daughter is right. "Hov" is a word, if you're a big Jay-Z fan ;>)