Friday, October 12, 2007

Silly jali Stuff

I've been asked repeatedly throughout my life to refrain from singing.

I ignored that request back when I was 4 or 5, riding in the Dodge Dart with my family, singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" at the top of my lungs. (until my mother snatched off her flip flop and bopped me in the head)

I ignored that request when I forced my parents and their guests to be my audience as I performed my rendition of the "Alice in Wonderland" album in our living room. I could see the "request" in my parent's eyes, but since we had company, I knew that the request would remain unspoken, and since their friends were way too polite to do anything but smile politely and listen, while praying for the album to end, I had their captive ears.

I ignored that request when driving my children and their friends to the skating rink. I wisely used my time to share amazingly hip rapping skills along with my clear pure voice with all those in the mini-van.

I still love to sing. I've finally accepted that others don't understand my talent and don't appreciate my selfless efforts to entertain.

I sing along with the radio (even though I rarely know what I'm actually singing about (since it's a "crunk" station and I'm just cranky) in the car all the time. Songs get stuck in my head and I find my self singing if I'm walking alone and not really paying attention.

I usually shop late at night in the neighborhood Kroger grocery store. The store plays an in-house radio station that plays a lot of music I know.

The last night I shopped there was a real memory lane experience for me. "Africa" by Toto was playing as I walked through the produce section. Coincidentally, the showers over the veggies came on, so I was feeling the African jungle thing and I guess I was moving to the music as I sang with the lead. A cute guy stopped in the aisle and was staring a me. "Whoa", I thought, "I must be looking pretty good tonight if I'm stopping men in their tracks".

Dumb jali didn't consider that her performance might be a little much at midnight in Kroger.

I finished my performance and the guy turned to move on.

"No", I thought, "Not yet." I wheeled my cart and followed him, then did my "Boom chick a wah-wah. (You know, like the Axe commercial). I thought it would be funny and a great conversation starter.

It wasn't my greatest moment.

The guy stammered that he was in a relationship and that he'd better be going.

I guess I just amazed him by making a spectacle of myself.

Some people dance to their own beat. I sing to my own tune.


miss tracey nolan said...

This is such a great post! You crack me right up. I love your attitude : )

M@ said...


I am imagining you driving off in a purple Dodge Dart. :)

~Macarena~ said...

That poor guy is now kicking himself, wishing he'd had the guts to surrender to your siren's song.

I sing to the Safeway soundtrack; now, I see I need to sing louder.

Restaurant Gal said...

Keep singing Jali--loudly and often!

C said...

He must have thought ... whoa I can't handle this one! You nut!

Luke Cage said...

LMAO!!! Got dudes stammering and stuff huh luv? Why am I NOT surprised..

Steph said...

Hahah, good for you! We need more people singing down the grocery aisles.

BLESSD1 said...

Hey...whenever I sing, I tell my coworkers, "Don't worry; I don't hear how bad I sound" :-) One day, SOMEBODY might recognize your vocal artistry...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Boo on those who don't realize they are in the presence of greatness when you sing.

The world needs more happy spirits like you, so don't ever change.

And the lowly midnight coward is probably dating his cousin.

Superstar said...

Well, you couldn't sing any worse than Brittney!
You go girl, sing your song your way and dance your way...
~raises glasses and tips them back~

Amadeo said...

Boom Chicka Wah Wah...yes.

Cleopatra Toson said...

See that's why you should come hang out with us more often Jali! EVERYONE sounds bad at our house! Wait until you hear me and Tai belt out a classic 80s duet for the crowd! Its truly life-altering!! :)

And you should have asked Dude why the hell he was staring so long if he was in such a "relationship"?! (Ok, other than you singing...and swaying...out loud...posted up by the lettuce...LOL!!)

Claudia said...

That was hilarious! I've been known to sing a few tunes in Kroger myself (how can you not?) It's easy to lose yourself in the music! lol I never run into any cute guys, though- only old dudes.. maybe I need to try Publix! Or maybe not! lol

Thanks for stopping by!!

phishez_rule said...









You serenaded him in your tone deaf talents, and then went for the bom chicka wah wah! Wish I was there. He should have taken you up just for the comic value!

it's the little things... said...

Yeah, think of how boring his 'relationship' must be if he can't appreciate good singing and/or humor.

heidie said...
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heidie said...

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