Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stuff stuff

I am officially a snot factory. I must have lost 20 pounds in snot and phlegm since Sunday night. I went to get some "Musilex (however it's spelled) and learned that a small bottle of the stuff costs $22.99. I bought the store brand for $8.99 and it worked pretty well.

I've been sick at home for the last couple of days and I've already gone through a box and a half of tissues. I'm writing this with pieces of tissue stuck in each nostral and I'm breathing through my mouth. I can't taste or smell anything. I have a headache. I'm grouchy as hell.

I'm writing this from my laptop AT HOME!!! Yup - I moved and have the internet at home so I'll be able to see all the videos posted to your blogs. I listened to two episodes of Laurie and DD's radio show. I'm a big gil now!

Tomorrow from work I'll send myself all my links to your pages and I'll be able to visit again. I got a couple of links from the addys I remembered, but I want to see you all.

I love my new apartment except for the occasional bug I've found. The place was spotless on inspection but once I moved in they started to show their nasty little faces. The exterminator was here yesterday and hopefully there will be no more. I'm sure it's like a comedy watching me trying to kill a bug - I'm scared it might get on me so I sort of jump around (moving target)screaming curses at the bug. I went out and bought bug spray and I DROWN their little asses in poison. I drown them. I left a bug where he croaked to warn all the other little fuckers to go away. I think it's working except I'm afraid of it every time I check to make sure it's still dead. I'll probably get Jack (my 16 year old baby)to move it for me (that's why you have kids) tomorrow.

I live in the same complex as ex-husband number two - my son Jack lives with him so I get to see him all the time now. He comes to eat although he insists he just wants to see me, and I've been trying to fix his favorite dishes and I send him home (down the block) with a plate for his late night snack with instructions NOT to feed his pops although Charles probably has a good burp courtesy of the evil ex-wife.

I'm getting used to life without Adrian. No more on that.

I'm watching the movie "Overboard" again tonight - it's one of my favorites (I have so many favorites it's ridiculous). "If you have a baby, you won't be the baby."

I'll be posting the film festival winners soon - I'm just a lazy ass sometimes. Sorry.


EsLocura said...

internet at home, a new place, snot, bugs, kids, and ex's, I am looking forward to the Jali who can now blog whenever she feels like it! feel better soon.

M@ said...

Being unemployed would suck w/o wifi!

Amadeo said...

I can blog whenever I want...but the urge is still strongest at work.

CP said...

Except for the snot, I am glad to hear everything is going well for you...good job, Jali!


Lex said...

Yay!!! Glad you got the internet all set up. But I'm sorry you're sick.

I'm not sure what your bugs are, but I heard that female roaches drop their egg sack when they die and the poison doesn't prevent them from hatching. So... you might wanna get rid of that deadness if it's a she-roach. Just sayin'!

Glad the new place is working out for you!

~Macarena~ said...

I am a lot like you re: bugs, but if I were that snotty, I'd stay my sweet ass home.

I only leave the corpses if I need to gather/steel myself before discarded them. Last time, I had to improvise when a roach entered my apartment as I was leaving. I grabbed a conveniently plastic-covered kitchen pot and smashed the bejesus out of the bastard. Then, I put on a glove and used the plastic to pick up the parts. Luckily, I was taking a trash bag out that day. Othewise, I flush them, and then worry that they will crawl up my ass for revenge one day.

Steph said...

Sounds like things are looking up for you sweetie. :)

Laurie said...

I miss you, girlie. If I come to GA for my birthday, I wanna see ya.


Elle/Laurie/The Pirate

dirk.mancuso said...

Hooray! Internet at home!

Life is good. Well, except for the snot and the bugs, but still -- internet at home!!!

Elaine said...

OH Jali I've missed you. Sorry to hear you're sick, glad to hear you moved to a new place, bad about the bugs! I once impaled my dead bugs on toothpicks and left them out to shock the other bugs but it didn't work. The other bugs just ate their dead bug friends that I conveniently shish kabob-ed for them.

When it comes to bugs, nothing is sacred.

Luke Cage said...

Well alright miss Jali. Got the internet at home, blogging and stuff and now you are sick! Aaaah, we gotta get rid of the last one though. I've never heard of overboard. Actually, I think I've got just the site for you. I hope you join. Check your e-mail inbox in a few! Have a great weekend miss.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I noticed that a comment came in from you at night recently, and I suspected that something had changed.

It sounds as if your new arrangement will work out beautifully as soon as you feel better, which I hope is soon.

Hugs to you, girl.

BLESSD1 said...

I think it's hilarious that you try to intimidate some bugs by leaving a dead one's carcass out. That's like when a nation would post the heads of an invading enemy army outside their gates as a warning to others who would try to invade them. LOL! Good post!