Thursday, March 15, 2007

List Stuff

I think I'll do a list of my favorite British movies.

1. Trainspotting - how can one watch this and not love it? Baked beans for breakfast, "Mother" the drug dealer, the most disgusting bathroom in Scotland, Spud's job interview, poor dead baby on the ceiling, Begbie (the brilliant Robert Carlyle) starting fights, Sick Boy shooting the dog who then bit his master, and Renton finally walking away.

2.The Full Monty - Robert Carlyle stars as one of 6 unemployed and out of shape gentlemen who decide to earn some money stripping.

3. Much Ado About Nothing - I've actually been asked to "turn that shit off" by visitors who'd rather watch Independence Day (booooooo)or other crap. This movie (directed by one of the stars, the fabulous Kenneth Brannaugh) used the original language of the play by William Shakespeare and I understood everything. Great acting - beautiful scenery.

4. Enchanted April - One of the sweetest little movies I've ever seen. Four strangers share a holiday in Italy. Magical.

5. Bend It Like Beckham - Jess has skills on the soccer field. Her parents are "old country" traditionalists who want her to be more like her soon to be married sister.

6. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - Hilarious caper film. Twists and turns galore (wow that sounded corny) so don't look away for a second. There are guys, there are bad guys, there are bad, bad guys and there are really bad, bad guys.

7. The Italian Job - Michael Caine is great as Charlie - the cliffhanger ending is amazing.

8. Chocolat - Since much of the film was shot in England I'm counting this as a British film although the setting is France. A lovely film starring chocolate, Mayan culture, magic, the wind and love. A chocolatier opens a shop in a small isolated town in France during the Catholic Lenten season.


awaiting said...

I have watched British comedies and laughed my tush off. Never seen an actual film though other than Children of Men and I LOVED that.

CP said...

Chocolat bored me to tears. I'd rather eat it than watch it.


Amadeo said...

No Love Actually?

I'm with you for most of your list.

jali said...

I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

cp - try it one mo' time - it's really good!

amadeo - I haven't seen it. It's on my Blockbuster list.

~Macarena~ said...

1. Incredibly disturbing.

3. I love it, too! Those jerks need to go down to the sports bar for lesser fare. I don't care for Randy Quaid's antics, though I love him. Bill Pullman was such a classy president. And he didn't even sleep w/ that woman who was always with him.

6. I read "galore" as "gore." I intend to see it sometime this year.

7. Bo-ring! I didn't like the literal cliffhanger. I like resolutions.

8. Disjointed. It seemed to be lighthearted, until the fire, and then it was no fun. It was like different scripts were mistakenly combined.

C said...

The chocolatier would have made not many around me that time of year.

Hey what is a good business related drama?

Steph said...

You forgot "Four weddings and a funeral", and "Bridget Jones Diary". Two of my all time faves.

jali said...

If you can, please rent #4. Just based on answers I'll bet you'll like it.

Wall Street is the first film that came to mind.

I love both of those movies too. I forgot all about them. I also just saw my favorite version of Pride and Prejudice (the most recent) - Donald Sutherland was great as the dad!

Webmiztris said...

I liked Chocolat because of Johnny Depp. GAWD, he looked delicious in that movie!

Matt said...

I loved Trainspotting.

One of my all-time favorites.

Superstar said...

LOL ;o) The full Monty...Hands down the best brittish flick sober.

Much of the Britt's dry humor is wasted on us Americans...Sad.

LOL ;o)
Good picks.

Dirk_Star said...

I'm conducting an important readers poll, can you spare a minute?

Kiyotoe said...

Have you seen any of these, "Love Actually", "Snatch", or "Layer Cake"..... all great flicks.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Can you have a list with 8? Most lists have 10? Did you get permission to only list 8? May I see your documentation and permits, please?

jali said...

Isn't he lovely!

I watch it at least twice a year.

My friend and I spoke with a British (well our version)accent for the rest of the night - in Brooklyn after seeing it.

I'll come over soon.

No I haven't, but I'm adding all 3 to my Blockbuster list.

mr. fab,
Were you so drunk that you can't remember signing my permission slip. Gawd!

Christina said...

Great list, have you seen "Sliding doors?" It is with Gweneth Paltrow and John Hannah? It takes place in London and is two stories in one. Basically what would her life been like if she caught the Tube or if she didn't.

Christina said...

Great list, have you seen "Sliding doors?" It is with Gweneth Paltrow and John Hannah? It takes place in London and is two stories in one. Basically what would her life been like if she caught the Tube or if she didn't.

jali said...

I really enjoyed Sliding doors - forgot all about it.

Bugwit said...

No "Snatch" or "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?" Four Weddings and a Funeral"

You also didn;t mention how bad Keanu Reaves was in 'Much Ado' I think he was there just to prove that not just anyone can do Shakespeare. :-)