Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Apology Stuff

This is an apology to the many I inconvenienced this morning. I may have made more than just a few of you late for work today. (You may use this post as your offical excuse)

I was the stalled car in the 3rd northbound lane on Interstate 85 just before the Buford Highway exit.

I've seen stalled cars in the past and driven past them thinking, "they should have done some maintenance before they got on the got-da%* highway this morning. Imagine holding all those people up." I've driven past them (finally) disgusted that they didn't pull over to the right side to await help.

It's not that simple. My car refused to move so as much as I wished to be a good car neighbor, it was beyond my capability.

A cool dude in an SUV stopped to help me. He held up his hand, stopped 2 lanes of traffic, spoke to the 2 lead drivers in those lanes, and pushed me to the side of the road. He drove off immediately, so I didn't even get his name.

I called the emergency (while in the fast lane) operator who connected me to the "HERO" group. (I have no idea what the acronym stands for)

The bright yellow HERO trucks come to the aid of stalled motorists in the Atlanta Metro area. I waited about an hour for my hero to arrive.

The guy was friendly and cool. I explained exactly what happened right before my car died and he started laughing.

I was hot, late for work and I had to use the bathroom. I didn't see anything funny about the situation.

He walked back to his truck, grabbed a container and returned, still smiling.

"Pop your gas lever.

"Now try it."

The car turned right over.

I was out of gas.

(my car "Guy" named because he's a stick eliminated some features he was bored with about a year ago. My speedometer, gas gauge, and milage gauge are forever frozen so I'm never sure how much gas I have or how far I've gone. Guy stopped recording milage at 309, 072 miles.)


Miss Ann Thrope said...

now THAT'S a hero!

Also, I feel stupid for you. I mean, I feel your pain.

Also, never name a car after a will screw you over, never buy you flowers and leave you stranded on the side of the road.

My car's name is Dianna after the goddess of the hunt. She rules, bay-bee!

Want I should come over and give Guy the old eyebrow lift?

Christina_the_wench said...

It ended well. That is all that matters. And you reminded me to renew my AAA. Thanks, girl.

Webmiztris said...

lol! that's embarrasing.

But still better than a major mechanical problem!!!

Just REALLY embarrasing. ;)

~Deb said...

I never let my SUV go under a half a tank...especially in the winter----the water in the gas can freeze up! Fill it up before it hits the middle girl!

Too funny though!

Jennifer said...

Driving without gauges? I'd be running out of gas every five minutes, I'm sure. It would drive me crazy. No pun intended. Ha!

Superstar said...

Of course you were running late...damn chaffer dropped you off w/ your rent-a-gown and the rest of the *hiccup* morning was a gas!
(I am referring to Smokin's blogs)
You an I have to tear up this town again sooooonnnn!!!! You are a blast to hang with!

Superstar said...

BTW I have added you to my links...I just love the "tude" ! ;)

NeverEnough said...

85 is a bitch in the morning!! Glad somebody helped you out.

I'm still thinking about the fact that your car is named "Guy"...

Lynn said...

Now, see, that just sucks! I have totally been there. So embarassing!

Charred said...

My car is the Little Green Fire Truck, or LGFT, because it's little, green, and not a truck.

You had to be there.

Oh, The Joys said...

[GROAN] I once had the oven repair man come out only to plug the dag gone thing in!

~d (tilde) said...

This soooo did not happen.
Awww jeez!

Evolution of gina said...

Jeez, Jali... I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, or try to reach out to hug you!

Let me know if you got your phone back, lady! I've got some interesting news. Well, I guess you can go to my blog and find out, too.

Gonna go slurp some soap bubbles now.

HERO's, huh... interesting concept!

NeverEnough said...

Jali, we need to have a drink this week!

starbender said...

It happens 2 the Best of Us!
Just let it roll off u'r back!

SKp said...

Gina may hug you, but I'm laughing my ass off at you!

jali said...

Thanks for feeling stupid for me. {sarcasm}It really helped.{/sarcasm}

jali said...

I had AAA for years and only used it once, and that was for a friend. I'm going to reapply.

The dumbest moment was explaining to my coworkers and boss. They laughed at me for a long time.

I've been filling it up every other day.

I'm used to it now. It's crazy trying to guess my speed - I just keep up with the other cars.

Thanks for the link! I'll send you an email with my info and we can go out and drink likka!

The car before Guy was "PrettyGirl" an automatic Audi. I love Guy!

It happened to you too? Yeah, it sucks!

??????? - since I wasn't there.

Oh,the joys,
You know exactly how I felt!

Isn't my life a trip!

Phone's back! Go ahead and laugh.

Thanks for including me in "the best of us". My back is sore from rolling stuff.

Go ahead and laugh. I'm going to your page in a minute - guess who'll get the last laugh!

Anonymous said...

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