Monday, July 10, 2006

Hip Stuff

Very upset woman here. Some truths are just too difficult to face voluntarily and when the truths sink in (as they eventually do) upset is usually the result. I'm not crying anymore, but the feeling of terrible loss has stayed with me since I realized what I'm missing.

I thought I still had it. I thought it would be with me forever but I somehow lost it. I lost it. Me...sigh.

When did I lose my "hip"?

There was a time when my hipness wasn't in question. You could just look at me and see the hipness radiating from me. I spoke the language and sang the songs. I knew all the right moves and hung out at the hippest spots. I was one of the "cool kids" and I became a cool adult.

My wardrobe reflected my cool. My hair and nails, my walk and talk. All hip to the nth degree. I decided to stop smoking weed in college and my girls followed suit. I'd wear my hair a certain way and others would rock my style. I was hip.

I thought about the four most important people in my life and wondered if their appearance had anything to do with the loss of my hipness. Nope.

I was a hip mom - the Kool Ade mom of the block - the one the kids could talk too. Having children didn't negate my hipness - if anything my little ones became fashion and social accessories to add to the Jali mystique.

I began to question my hipness recently while driving. A song came on the radio and I didn't understand what the hell the song was about although I thought I did. I wondered, 'why would the guy snap rubberbands at a chick at a strip club'. I happened to have wondered out loud (big mistake) and "A" started laughing at me (first sign of loss of hip - folks laughing at you). He explained that 'popping a rubber band' had to do with spending a lot of cash at the club - not literally popping a rubberband on some woman's butt.


The hip Jali would have known that. This new somewhat hip neutral person is confused by certain phrases. I don't like this.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, Jali, I can so relate. To all of it. Except now I wonder sometimes if my hipness was, if not a figment, a hoax. And in really insecure moments, if I was the only one taken in by it.

YOU, however, are still very cool. It still radiates. Not to worry.

As for me, I try to take comfort in a wonderful line from a Thomas Hardy poem, "Some polish is gained from one's ruin."

But you're a long way off from that because you can at least distinguish the words in new songs, even if you're not sure what they mean.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I've been to many strip clubs in my day, and I never popped a rubber band.

I've popped other things, but never a rubber band.

Mike said...

I head the association of the un-cool....have for several years.

Steph said...

Awww, I think you're still hip. Who can keep up with street language anyway? I watch MTV and i need subtitles. I'm only 24!!!

Lynn said...

Me choir, you preach. I just came from a Toad the Wet Sproket concert. I am so not cool anymore...

lynnie said...

I have decided that hip and cool are like the truth -- just a matter of perspective. It would be soooo sad if we all knew what jr high and high school kids were talking about, it would mean that we were stalking someone and would probably end up on that hidden camera, look who the predator is show on channel 4 (or is it 5, or 7...)

In my book, we are all hip until we break one trying to dance! (Except for M, who is rhythm-challenged and misplaced his hip at some point during our wedding vows in 1990)

jali said...

You make me feel better!

Tell us more... about the things you've popped.

Where do we pick up applications?

High praise from the serious hip chick on the 'net. Thank you momma!

Nope - not you. I read your page and you're a hip chick too.

I was dancing last night - no hip breaking, but I'm feeling a little sore this morning. You got married in 1990? Wow - I'm more impressed than I was before. On top of all your other virtues: endurance (lol)

dirk.mancuso said...

Jali, spend a few minutes with me and muh posse and you will feel light years beyond hip. We are so NOT "dropping it like a hot potato"...or whatever the young people are saying these days.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

I'm still relatively hip...kinda sorta for an old bitch.

ANYWAY I wouldn't have known what that was either.

I think all things I don't understand should be permanetly banned.

I'm just saying.

PS: Everybody wants me to make their eyebrows like mine...which are totally cool eyebrows. Only think is, mine just sorta grow like this on there own. So I am still totally hip.

No, really. I am too.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

especially spelling and grammar. they need to be banned too.

jali said...


I want to be part of the posse!

miss ann thrope,

Impressed myself that I spelled your last name properly. Trying my best not to incur the raised eyebrow thing.

Everything you don't understand can't be banned - do you understand men? I can't live with a man ban right now.

Jennifer said...

I never had "hip".

Don't cry for me.

I've learned to live with it.

jali said...


Remember the song "It's Hip To Be Square", by Huey Newton. I'm gonna try to bring it back.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

huey lewis, unhip girl