Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm Back Stuff

I came back from vacation on Friday but didn't post since my boss made me do some actual work for most of the day. What a shocker after 8 days away.

I missed you guys! I've been going back and reading all the comments - Y'all are cool dudes!

I went to D.C. for my vacation to meet with my online family from a forum I belong to. We called it our first annual family reunion and despite the "annual" in the title, we've decided to do it again in October. (sounds like something I would belong too, huh?). I stayed with my buddy Lisa and had a ball! Actually we all stayed with my buddy Lisa - she offered once, and hotel reservations disappeared with the quickness. (we figured the $ we saved on hotels could be put to better use drinking and we were right!)

Washington DC is hotter than anywhere else on earth - I don't care what the temperature says - I don't care what the Weather Channel says - I don't care what your mamma says - D.C. boils. Boils.

Lisa has great A.C. and a BIG ass fan so we were comfortable while indoors. WE WERE NOT COMFORTABLE FOR ONE SECOND OUTSIDE DURING DAYTIME HOURS. (people kept hinting at hot flashes and hormonal changes in older women - the ingrates!)

Majority seems to rule in the nation's capital and my objections to outdoor movement while the sun was out was overruled. It's true that we did have a tentative agenda - I just expected the weather to be within normal range - not the 1st ring of Hell, surface of the Sun, oven on at 500 for the whole day, 3rd degree burn hot - when I agreed to the f***ing agenda. (yes, I'm still complaining you Hata's who were there).

We actually did the tourist thing and rode around looking at monuments. I was happy riding around and saying, "Oooh - Aah" at the appropriate times since the A.C. in Lisa's car works just fine. The others (damn them) wanted to walk up to each momument individually (I'm not that patriotic) to see them up close. Since Lisa insisted on turning off the car and taking her keys I was forced to join them since sitting in the car waiting for slow people with no A.C. in Washington, D.C. isn't an option.

I moved from shady spot to shady spot (hum the Mission Impossible theme and imagine me fast walking or running to get to some shade, then stopping to wipe the sweat from my delicate brow while making faces at my so-called buddies) while the group was strolling in the midday sun as though it were a lovely spring morning.

We took photos of a bunch of stuff that we won't care about ever again in life. We did take a couple of memorable photos outside the White House. One was the group holding a big slice of watermelon and grinning like crazy. The tourists from Europe thought it was hilarious and took pictures of us too. We enjoyed talking to them as well as the sole identified Republican guy in the crowd, (besides the Capital Cops who told me that their attack dog was a Republican too.)

The sole identified Republican guy in the crowd was really nice and had a pretty good sense of humor. (I'm guessing that the rest of the Republicans are sunning in the South of France on Haliburton profits.) He was the only person who raised his hand when I shouted for a Republican roll call so I came to my own conclusion.

I was planning on posting a link to photos, but since the film is still in the disposable cameras and the cameras are still in the bag I have yet to unpack it's gonna be a while.

I'm going to do some heavy blog reading now.


Mike said...

Funny how lately Republicans refuse to come out of the to speak.


The whole damn country is too damn hot....I love a.c.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Welcome back, Jali. You were missed!

Washngton is definitely one of the hottest hellholes on earth in summer. No wonder our Fearless Leader takes the entire month of August off from work.

At least you had watermelon.

~Deb said...

Mike! I'm a repubbie and I came out of the closet....... ;)

Jali! Missed you girl! Glad you had a fun time! DC is hot. I stayed nearby there once for vacation and it was boiling in the month of October!!!! I swear!

Anyway, NY is supposed to hit 100 tomorrow---making it feel like 110 degrees. Ew.

Hope you're doing great. Can't wait to see photos! Will you be posting any?

dirk.mancuso said...

Welcome back!!! We missed you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jali.

Just poppin' over from ~d's place.
Nice blog. I'll be back.

restaurant gal said...

Any good restaurant stories from your vacation? Please share!

Christina_the_wench said...

We DID miss you. Summer sucks. Nuff said. It has to be warmer in hell though I don't wanna find out.

jali said...

Hugs and kisses to you!

Thanks for the visit. I love your page, dude.

restaurant gal,
We went to a couple of great restaurants and one great greasy corner spot but I can't remember any of the names. I'll speak with one of the others and get back.

I don't want to find out either. I hope I'm not one of those "repent on the deathbed" people though.

Needtsza said...

We broke a record today! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jali,

I missed you too, not only while you were away but even longer. I remember you from Hollis, it was a boiler there also. I'm very happy that I can now find you and I look forward to reading more of your insightful postings.

Soooo glad you are well!