Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ProBaller Stuff

This was written mostly on Monday and just never posted. I was too busy reading all of your lovely pages so don't get upset.

The Giants. (to really feel it, please say it the way Mike Ditka said, "the Bears"')

I had a BALL yesterday watching the beloved Giants defense make their "jump shot" celebration move SEVEN times yesterday in the game against the Falcons. Seven sacks - a Michael Vick record. I generally root for the Falcons since I live in Atlanta, but my heart belongs to the Giants. There are a lot of former New Yorkers living here and the cheering section for our team was strong.

New Orleans did it! Sorry rev. steve but I'm happy! Boo Eagles!

One giant sized bag of Lime flavored chips and 2 large jars of salsa and cheese will only last for about 7 or 8 minutes in Atlanta if the Falcons are losing. I can report that the Atlanta fans watching from my home yesterday really started eating when their QB got sacked. They were also very quiet in the second half of the game - as opposed to the loud and boisterous chanting they did during the beginning of the game.

Edit: The game last night was unbef*%^inglievable!

Juast have to post this about my little school:

I attended Virginia Union University, a small historically black college in Richmond, Virginia. As I did a little research this week on an NFL player I knew way back when and have been bragging about for years, I learned that others from V.U.U. played for the N.F.L. Roger Anderson played for the New York Giants from 1964 - 1968. James Atkins played for one season for the Titans in 2003 and one for the San Francisco 49-ers in 2004. John Baker played for the Giants in 1970. Malcolm Barnwell played for five years as a pro, 1981-1985 for the Oakland Raiders, The Los Angeles Raiders , the New Orleans Saints and the Redskins. Carl Bland was another former V.U.U. Panther who's NFL career lasted from 1984-1990 as a Detroit Lion and a Green Bay Packer. There are others: Hez Braxton was a pro from 1962-1963 playing first as a Charger, then as a Buffalo Bill. Mike Brim played in the NFL from 1988-1995 for a number of teams: Phoenix, Detroit, Minnesota, New York (Jets) and Cincinnati. Pete Hunter played as a pro from 2002-2005 for Dallas and Cleveland. Cornelius Johnson was a Baltimore Colt from 1968-1973. Bob Jones played from 1973-1976 for Cinti and Atlanta. Tony Leonard (the guy I knew) played for the San Francisco 49-ers from 1976-1979. Irvin Mallory was a New England Patriot in 1971. Bobby Phillips also played for one year in the NFL: 1995 for Vikings. Herbert Scott's career lasted much longer, 1975-1984 as a Dallas Cowboy. Adrian Wright played for one year for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers in 1987. Pretty good for a small school.


Dark Damian said...

Didn't Bruce Smith, long of the Buffalo Bills and then the 'Skins, play for VUU? Or am I just plain wrong?

awaiting said...

My husband is a football fanatic. I guess I should get into it, nice eye candy and then it'd give us more to talk about.

He tried to explain the difference of a tackle and a block...let's just say that was a long night! A chick was all kinds of conFURSED.

Luke Cage said...

GO G-MEN!!!!! We had Vick's number all afternoon Sunday.. some Falcons' fans called the game a fix. Unbelievable. If anything, the NFL loves Michael Vick. If they were going to fix anything, it would have been that he won, not lost... geez.