Friday, September 15, 2006

Movie, (ahem) Film Stuff

I recently became another Blockbuster zombie. I walk up and down the drama and comedy aisles looking for "classic" films that I never took the time to see so that I'd be able to catch up with the rest of the world and stop smiling vaguely when any of these movies are mentioned in conversation since I hate to admit that I'm not in with the in crowd. (run-on sentences are funky!)

Here's a list of movies I recently watched and loved:

Confidence - Really good caper flick. Edward Burns is the selling point for me, but Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman, and especially Frankie G were outstanding. (Frankie G was the mechanic in The Italian Job). A con within a con on top of a con - great stuff!

Lucky Number S7evin - love this movie - Another con caper - I was surprised at the end so I won't print a spoiler - but damn! (and I payed attention). I was SHOCKED at the ending. Josh Harnett was great, Lucy Lui was hilarious, Bruce Willis: terrifying. Morgan Freeman and Ben Kinsley were good as the crime bosses.

Akilah and The Bee - Wonderful and moving film. The lead actress was outstanding. Great to see Ike and Tina (c' know who the actors are) acting together again. (smile) This was my "feel good" movie of the weekend.

Tsotsi - I cried. And cried. This film was made in South Africa by South Africans - it's subtitled and it's the story of redemption. There are some scenes that are difficult to watch, but it's truly worth it. The tribe of little children living alone broke my heart.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - Sometimes a card sharp ain't as sharp as he thinks. Sometimes a gansta ain't as gangsta as he thinks. Sometimes a thief doesn't steal the show. Funny as hell, great dialogue. This little slice of London is a dangerous place to live.

This is Spinal Tap - I don't believe I missed this gem all these years. These guys are EXACTLY right as an aging rock band who just doesn't get it. I understand why this is a cult classic. Now I have to catch, "A Mighty Wind" to see these guys together again: Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Rob Reiner are great together. Good stuff!

I have a couple more DVDs left to watch: Hotel Rwanda and The Big Lebowski - Yes, I admit that it's stupid that I haven't seen these movies. Damn! Stop laughing at me. Stop it!

Just remembered a couple more recently viewed films and I can't do the same topic tomorrow so I'm adding these to the mix.

Inside Man - I loved putting the pieces together after the fact (like the hole that was dug). Much better than I thought after seeing the promos. Well executed plan and I really like the motive for the crime.

19 Blocks - Anyone can change. Great theme. I really liked this one too.

Nanny Mcphee - Good family film - Watch for the changes in Nanny Mcphee. Good little movie.


Miss Ann Thrope said...

I watched a football game. Aside from the occasional eye candy, I still hate it.

jali said...

You are soooo loved missy! You crack me the hell up! At least you tried.

Dawn (webmiztris) said...

I can't wait to see Lucky Number S7evin...I heart Josh Hartnett. and I'd do 'em too! ;)

hey, I just watched the Big Lebowski a week or two again - for the same reason as you...I felt stupid for being the only person on the face of the earth who HADN'T seen it! it was OK. :D

djn said...

Hotel Rwanda makes me cry to even think about...

Christina_the_wench said...

Gotta hit up that Spinal Tap one. Never saw it either.

Fairmaiden327 said...

Never saw Confidence -- want to peel off skin when Ed Burns talks. Haven't seen Lucky, just received Akeelah from Netflix, Tsotsi was brilliant but I lost it watching Hotel Rwanda -- anything with Don Cheadle is worth watching. Loved Lock Stock and The Big Lebowski is a classic, especially here in NY - they have festivals based on this movie. Never saw ST.

jali said...

I guess it's true that good minds think alike (smile). You're gonna love Josh in this!

I'm almost afraid to watch it.

Get it! The acting is so natural that people thought it was a real documentary.

Ed Burns isn't sexy to you? He is to me in a way. Just try to deal with it - good flick. Our movie tastes are pretty close - we coukld probably hang out!

Mr. Fabulous said...

You had never seen Spinal Tap?

Here you have this reputation for being cool... it all a facade?

I am with you on Slevin. I was very surprised how good it was!

jali said...

mr. fab,
That's just mean - bringing up my loss of cool points.

It really was good, huh!

~Macarena~ said...

Relax, ladies. I am happy to be the person who hasn't seen most of these. I love con/caper movies, but I can't stand Hartnett or Burns. I might see Lock, Stock, but there are always over 100 things on my Netflix list already.

This Is Spinal Tap is one of my favorite movies. I never get tired of it. It goes to 11! When I was in London, I almost didn't buy the Official Companion book. If I hadn't rescued it, I couldn't now show my face.

"Big Bottom":
I say the bigger the cushion,
the sweeter the pushin'

~Macarena~ said...

No! It's:
The bigger the cushion,
the sweeter the pushin',
That's what I said.

awaiting said...

The only one of those I have seen would be the family one. Nanny McPhee was really good...helps teach the kids a good lesson too. I don't watch movies much, but I will have to check some on your list out.

~Deb said...

I just got Nanny Mcphee for my niece. Cute movie!

Cibbuano said...

get on board with the Big Lebowski! In my experience, not many women have enjoyed it as much as I have, but I think it's fantastic..

Steph said...

Thank you. Now i too can pretend to have watched all the cool flicks. Cheers ;)

Luke Cage said...

I love the fact that you are a movie head like myself. Here are my reviews on some of these flicks. I'm lazy. I have Blockbuster Online deliver my flicks (smile)

* I saw Confidence on a flight to the West Coast last year. Definitely a cool caper and Edward Burns is tight as always. I don't know what it is about this cat. I like just about every flick he's in and its not like he's a great actor. He just happens to star in movies I appreciate.

* Lucky Number Slevin is on its way. I'll get back to you on that.

* Tsotsi was very good. I highly recommend the equally good Yesterday, Hotel Rwanda and Sometimes in April. Very good flicks out of the South African experience.

* Inside Man wasn't bad, but I expected a little bit more. Still enjoyable. Denzel was funnier than I'm used to seeing him. Lots of clever inside NY jokes too.

*19 Blocks was an unexpected treat. Wasn't expecting much and got more. Mos Def shines...


Charred said...

Citizen Kane.

'Nuff said.

Charred said...

Best In Show and A Mighty Wind were better than This Is Spinal Tap.

Em and I got a bigger kick out of A Mighty Wind than most will because her parents are folk singers, and that movie was so true to life it was almost sickening.

Elaine said...

Ooh have you seen Requiem For a Dream? SERIOUSLY disturbing but a SERIOUSLY great movie. You'll probably want to take a shower afterwards.

and oh yeah, I'll watch an entire movie with Ed Burns just looking at the camera. he's a selling point for me too.

kav said...

Here are some more films worth watching, if you haven't already:

City of God
La Haine

Note: Don't watch them if you don't like realistic violence. They're kinda guyish films, I suppose.

~d (tilde) said...

Dude, you are more up to date than me!
I recognize a few titles...heh heh heh.

Fairmaiden327 said...

Jali, we could def hang for sure. Why isn't Kill Bill 1/2 on yuor list. All time best female revenge film. Second best, (Japanese) Audition.

jali said...

Very happy to see another admit they aren't up on everything.

awaiting and deb,
My guy laughed at me when I brought it home. He didn't watch and it was his loss.

I saved it for last and the ^&*$ig disc is defective - all I saw was the opening swirly.

I'm here to serve.

I watched Rwanda last night - it was one of the hardest films to watch. I sat there, staring at the screen for a long time after it was over. I'll try to find the movies you mentioned.

Rosebud to you.(no I haven't seen it - I've just always heard that. I'm putting it on my "to see" list.) I loved Best in Show. The yuppie couple really killed me.

No - another one for my list.

I haven't seen any of them - City of God is one of those 'shake my head like I'm down' films - I forgot about it. Another one for my list.

so what are you doing while the rest of us are watching movies???

(hnaging head in shame and whispering) I haven't seen either one.

kav said...

fairmaiden: Audition scared the piss out of me. Wasn't she just a psycho bitch taking her revenge on an innocent guy? At least the guys in Kill Bill deserved it...

kav said...

jali: Of those three, City of God is my favourite. You should definitely watch it.

dirk.mancuso said...

Jali, A MIGHTY WIND is good, but WAITING FOR GUFFMAN is much funnier! BEST IN SHOW is good too.

I was gonna skip LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, but you sold me. (Well, you and muh girl Lucy Liu...)

Fairmaiden327 said...

Kav - molestation was the theme. Remember the old man?

jali said...

dirk! Hooray!,
You're gonna just love it! I'll try Waiting For Guffman.

J-Bigg said...

I agree with dirk. I was sleepin on Lucky Number S7even. I'm on my way to rent it now. I haven't seen the Big Lebowsli, but Hotel Rwanda is the business!!! You will love it!!! Don Cheadle is the illest!

Romerican said...

Make an effort to shove The Big Lebowski to the bottom of your list. It's highly overrated by a few vocal fans, while the rest of the world wrote it off long ago.

jali said...

Please let me know if you like it. Hotel Rwanda is going to stay with me for a very long time.

...but I want to discuss the film with authority. (smile)
The copy of the Big Lebowski that I rented keeps stopping, so I was unable to watch it.