Friday, September 08, 2006

Oops I Forgot Stuff

I can't believe I didn't mention this. (whispering firmly: DON'T F***ING TELL HER! We still have to live there)

My home has recently been taken over by a kitten named Grady who has graciously allowed us to stay there as long as we remain amusing and feed her on time. On time means whenever the hell she says it's time.

Why, you might ask, is her name Grady?

Her name is Grady since my very imaginative man "A" was the one in charge of naming her. Oh, by the way - she's gray. (Yuck-yuck)

I've learned that getting up to pee in the middle of the night will be an adventure, since 3 in the morning is the time of day that Grady feels should be used to teach us new tricks. She's generally pleased to find either of us up and doesn't care that we want to go back to sleep.

"Mwreoff" (meaning: "hells to the naw mofos - you're mine now - time to play")
"C'mon sweetie, lay down and go back to sleep." (this is A talking to me)
"Mwreofff" (meaning: "did you mean to defy me? Get your sleepy ass back over here")

I love A, but Grady scratches the hell out of my legs and feet when she plays the "dare to move your feet while you sleep" game so I know what I need to do.

Wearily I grab the catnip toy...


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Grady, my ass. That's Truffle replicating. You can't fool me.

I hate to tell you but it only gets worse. This morning, when I got up to feed her and then sat at my computer since I was awake, she cried so piteously and loud for me to come back to bed that I finally did out of kindness to Flip. At which point, she snuggled up to my face, taking up ALL the pillow, and went back to sleep, purring.

I lay there, totally wired, for an hour before I risked getting up again.

How about a picture of the new little despot!

C said...

I am not too wild about cats.

CP said...

The key to sleep with a new kitten?

A closed bedroom door.


luckysevn said...

Ahh... cats!!! Mine are banished to behind closed doors at night... sounds cruel, yes, but much less cruel than what I would have done to them had they been allowed to wander freely about the house at 3a.m. when everything is a toy waiting to be played with!

Good luck with your fur baby!

restaurant gal said...

When out cat was a kitten, we banished him to the basement at night. When our cat became a cat and my daughter collected a few more for the house, they were all banished at night. Then we moved. Then two of the three passed on, but the orginal one is in his prime time--at age 14. He sleeps on our bed at night, meows at 5 a.m. for breakfast, and is lucky he is so cute in a Garfield-looking way or he'd be long gone.

My point: get used to tossing that catnip toy...

Best, The Gal

Fairmaiden327 said...

I have not slept one hour due to my DEVIL CAT. grrrrr