Monday, September 11, 2006

Random Stuff

This weekend was cool.

Let's go backwards and talk about Super (yes it was dudes - yes it was) Sunday first.

The Falcons and the Panthers - 20 to 6 - The Falcons kicked ass! Pretty good game on Fox yesterday but some of the camera angles in the broadcast were ridiculous. Hint - We really do want to see the wide receiver actually catch the ball. Vick was pretty sharp - A couple of really nice drives.

Indy and New York - 26 to 21 - The outcome was really not unexpected - I'm a Giants fan and would have loved for Eli to beat Peyton and the final score indicates that it wouldn't be an impossible dream. I didn't see the broadcast, but I've read the game play by play and I'm happy that it wasn't at all one sided. Peyton is undoubtedly a superstar QB and Eli seems to be on his way. Oh, and I like the commercials with Archie.

The Saints vs the Browns - 19 to 14 - Finally, I can say the name "Bush" with pride.

Cowboys and Jags - 24 to 17 - Byron Leftwich did a great job leading his team yesterday. In the 2nd half of the game Drew Bledsoe obviously did not. T.O. had a respectable game IMO and I hope some of his critics shut up. (I hate the Eagles and anything T.O. does well this season is a slap in Andy R's face) Bill Parcells has bigger boobs than me. I didn't notice them back when he was coaching the Giants since he usually wore a jacket since it's a little cooler up north - man! - get the dude a bra! I still don't know what that challenge was for right before the snap - just a waste of a timeout.

Baltimore at Tampa Bay - 27 to 0 - The very first play I saw in this game was the Ray Lewis (my hero) sack in the 3rd quarter. No pirate ship firing this week, huh? Steve Mcnair has found his stride.

The Bears vs the Packers - 26 to 0 -Time for Brett to retire! I thought that it was ridiculous to allow Favre to play 3 full quarters in the 2nd game of the pre-season and it's ridiculous to leave him in after so many incomplete passes and sacks. I'm glad for the shutout and I hate the Bears. BTW -"A" is from Mil-wack-ee - he hates it when I say that, so it seems I must - sigh.

NY Jets vs the Titans - 23 to16 -Without Herman (alas, I still can't think of him as the chief of the Chiefs) the team is doing pretty well. As for the Titans - too little too late.

I won't comment on any other games right now except to say that I've got the Vikings and I've got the Chargers for tonight. I like the away teams this week. - oh and I hate the Redskins!

Saturday was a good day - I went bowling with "A" and his coworkers and I actually played 2 games. I wanted to enter the group competition for $10.00 per head, but "A" wisely refused to put up the cash since my high score to that point was 98. The winner's score was 208 and I suppose my hanging out in Margaritaville led me to believe I had more skill than I actually displayed.

We continued the fun at Ted (one of the coworkers) and Val's beautiful house and dined on wings and salad while drinking pretty steadily. Val and Ted seemed to have been waiting for a group of drunken friends to come over in order to play Pictionary. After 20 or so minutes of arguing over the rules, who gets to go first on each team, who had the best pencil, which side of the cards we were playing, who might be a cheater, who would referee, and the big one - what color would represent our teams (both wanted green to represent money - we really were stuck on this issue for a while). These may seem like simple things to settle - not for a bunch of drunk people.

Finally the chicks gave in and we accepted blue as our color and the game began. We quickly moved through the first few challenges and the men seemed annoyed (my "A" actually called us cheaters). One of the players on the men's team kept wandering away from the table in the middle of their round and we wouldn't allow them spontaneous time outs.

The guys sucked. (I had a whole sentence here about the differences in perception and the differences in expression of those perceptions between men and women, but I decided to go with the bottom line - the guys sucked). Our team made it to the final square before the guys were halfway through the board.

Exhausted from the game, the chicks team moved to the living room while the guys decided to play poker.

The ladies had a fascinating conversation regarding hot flashes and our sex drives that continued until we fell asleep on our hostess' gigantic wrap around couch to the sounds of drunk guys trying to bluff each other.

"A" woke me with his wonderful Henessy breath and we took our leave. By this time I was okay to drive and we made it home safely.

Romance and hard liquor aren't always great together, but I swear it's big fun. We romped (took forever to find an acceptable word) for what seemed like ages until right in the middle of a sexy move "A" fell fast asleep - snores and all. I cuddled up to him - then moved quickly away - the snore gave that Hennessy breath an entirely different flavor - one thats totally incompatable with my sensibilities.

Back to Sunday...

After football I hung out at Skatetown in Jonesboro, Ga. and stayed until closing (11:30). I wasn't very adventurous last night and stuck to all the moves I'm already comfortable doing. (and more importantly, know I look good doing)

I was home by midnight and watched "Something New" ( again, this time with "A" and enjoyed my second viewing more than the first time. I love this movie! I was a "big girl" and went right to bed immediately after the movie ended, so I wasn't pissed at the world and I didn't throw the clock at the wall at 6:00 when the alarm went off. (as I sometimes do)

How was your weekend?


superstar II said...

Can y'all beleive that Tampa is a "pick" to go to the SUPERBOWL??? Well, if so they might want to, oh I don't know SHOW UP???
And the Packers? What a, zilch, nada, big goose egg??? WTF??? Hello is this game on? Is this some X-Box game???

AHHH so I was really surprised at the Giant's comeback at the 1/2 time. I mean they were really getting spanked in the first 1 and most of the 2nd quarter.

Glad you have fun w/ the games. That is a great idea! Poker, guy and gals, food and fun!

Luke Cage said...

Jali, the Giants-Colts game was indeed entertaining and not at all one-sided, although it did look like it was going to be. But the Giants got hosed on a baaaad call late in the 4th quarter and I wasn't the only one who thought so. Me and 75,000 other fans thought the same. But no sour grapes here. Eli was pretty good, and you're right. The spots with the brothers and their father is pretty cool.

Something New is a refreshing comedy. Sanaa never looked better and i was actually rooting for Brian. He was a pretty cool cat and treated Sanaa like a queen. I'm glad she finally came around. The hair scene was too funny!

Christina_the_wench said...

My Panthers lost (where are you Steve?!?!) =(

jali said...

I think it's just time for Brett to go and enjoy golf.... or something.

I'll always love the Giants. Eli is developing pretty well.

Oh well....