Thursday, June 01, 2006

Best Stuff

Dude... last night was the best.


Hooked up with my best friend and I've been smiling all day.

(Edit 5/31 based on further scientific study.)

- Have you ever laughed hard at anything and everything while making love and still found it sexy?

- Have you ever been in someone's arms and felt that "just right" feeling?

- Damn! Two nights, no sleep and I'm a happy chick.

p.s. to friends and family - 30 is NOT too young! I'm broke as hell so it's not for the money, so shut up Bonita.


sunkingpoet said...

How in the Hell did you find me? This is like one of those twilight zone episodes.

I'll be back. Count on it.

jali said...

I feel as though I've found my beloved long lost brother!

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

You finally got over here. Good job.

jali said...

Great to see you here Steve! I've been... ah... reading (stalking0 your page for a little while now. Thanks for taking a look.

sunkingpoet said...

Your brother is glad to see you here, and is going to add your blog to my favorite blogs section right now.

You're a hell of a writer. Anyone ever tell you that?

Evolution of gina said...




Yes. Here is my story.

A girlfriend and I had this joke/conversation about spelling our men's names. In a very hot, passionate session, I thought about spelling my man's name--A-N-T-H-O-N-Y. I don't get past the T in my head because it's so good. I burst out laughing. He thinks it's because of him. I calmed down, and a couple of minutes later, I did it again. He got up and played video games the third time I started laughing.

After another occasion of some sweaty lovemaking where I ended up riding him, I shouted "YEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!" We both laughed too hard.

Lawd, that man had skills... okay... I'm mentally reflecting.

LadyKay said...

I joined this.. blog. Just so I can say hello to you. I missed you girl!

jali said...

My dear brother SKp,

I've been trying to link to both you and Gina - I'm getting frustrated with my futile attempts but will keep on since both of your pages are grat. Thanks for the visits!

When is the OM reunion??

jali said...


Thanks girl - good story. I'm trynna link you guys because I love your work.

jalicook@yahoo - we can do phone#'s - you too Skippy! and Margaret (yup - I remembered)

jali said...

Lady Kay (bka Lil' Margaret)

I'm gonna keep checking for your blog. I'm sooooo happy to hear from a good friend!