Friday, June 09, 2006

Link Stuff

Since I can't get my links to show up on my page, I've decided to do this the Jali way. I'm not renting my blog. (I really don't understand the concept)

Blog of the Week: - title: My Big Fat F'kin Head. The name of the blog is what made me look the first time. His writing is what made me keep coming back.

C'mon, do yourself a big favor and check out Smokin' Steve. Take some time and read through the archives. For a guy from Pennsylvania (I do not love that state) he's pretty cool. N0 - he's very cool.


SunKingpoet said...

Answer your email, girlie!

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I am touched and honored.

What do I win?

Xquizzyt1 said...

LOL@ steve. I'm going to have to check him out. =)

jali said...


I checked my mail - nothing from a handsome and charming guy from Texas.... please resend!!

jali said...


(using that game show announcer's voice) A Neeeeewwww CAR!

(whispering)Taxes, title, purchase price, dealer prep, destination fees and Jali kickback not included.

gina said...

Hey, you! We've been trying to reach you, heffa! Contact Bub and I will give him my home addy. He should have my phone number. It's him at You do know who I mean, don't you?

He may be able to give you some tips on how to do the dang thang.

Holla back! At both of us!

Ooooh! This is where you need to be, babydawl!

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

No, seriously.

What do I win?

Don't I get a plaque or something?

SunKingpoet said...

Jali... And here I've been talking bad about you for the past week. Figured you didn't want to talk to me. LOL.

I'll resend you some mail in the morning. Got a bit to tell you.

As Gina said.. you need to be at the link above. There's a seat being saved for you.

SunKingpoet said...

Oh yeah... and Gina's right... I can help you with your links....

sunkingpoet said...

Jali... if you want... just send me the pages you want to add to your sidebar as links, and I'll send you the code, and the directions on how to install it.