Friday, June 02, 2006

Me Stuff

Back in the day (what an annoying phrase - as though I were as old as the hills or...oh never mind) when I lived knee deep in laundry, stuck with homework to check, dishes to do and all the other working mom type chores that automatically came with my title, I longed for the day when my time would be my own. I imagined many weekends in the Caribbean, intimate dinners at wonderful restaurants nightly, club and bar hopping just because. Reality is a mo-fo.

Yesterday at work I decided that I would forgo my regular weeknight routine of: go home, eat, read, then sleep with the TV on (the monster can't get me if the TV is on - it worked when I was little and I'm proof that it still works today) to keep me company.

I live in a major metropolitan center. There are literally hundreds of things to do in Atlanta on a Thursday night and as I fought my way through snail-hour traffic I considered a few of my choices. The radio station I listen to mentioned an "adult" club atmosphere of networking and socializing then announced "18 to get in, 21 to drink" - okay, well that's one off my list. I could go skating, but the chances of running into the Ex were pretty likely and I really wasn't in that kind of mood. Skating saved for Friday night in Decatur. Dinner at an Atlanta hotspot? Not really even hungry so why spend a bankroll and finance someone else's children's dreams? Pepper's bar? Nope, I really don't want to be known as a "regular". (those of you thinking "too late". forget you!)

An hour later, finally at home and still undecided I asked a thirty-ish neighbor of mine where he liked to hang out. So wrong of me - neighbor thought it was a personal invitation and gave me the look and a smile. You know the look: "Hmmmm, never really thought about it, but I don't have a booty lined up for this evening, and maybe she'll do."

We'd hung out in the past as part of a group but never done a one on one and I wasn't feeling his vibe at all. My new dude and I haven't made a general announcement to the party circle yet so neighbor didn't know that I'm again involved.

Claiming an urgent call of nature I went back inside to get away from a truly goofy situation. (why oh why to I constantly find myself in goofy situations?) I pulled out the email notices and flyers for different happenings this week and turned on the TV for background sound. Nothing really caught me eye. I wasn't willing to be a particpant in an "Apple Bottom" contest (shut up!) and I really didn't want to see a Video Vixens contest either.

I grabbed my beat up copy of The Divinci Code (not a bad read), finished it, then glanced up at the television to see the SYTYCD tryouts on. I suppose now is the time to admit that I'm still suffering from withdrawal pangs from American Idol and that a new contest is probably the 'methadone" I need to sooth the pains of my addiction.

The show isn't good - the show isn't bad. Meh. I stayed the course and the 10 o'clock news on Fox came on, but Fox's version of news is something that I'm just unable to tolerate, so I went back outside to smoke a ciggie and continue the thought process regarding the rest of my evening of fun.

Can't watch the game - I don't want to bring the Mavs bad luck. They do better when I'm doing something else. Cold in my bedroom - if I shower now, I'll freeze so going out just isn't in the cards for me tonight.

Hell - another one bites the dust. (just a little tidbit - I will be working Queen references into these posts for the month of June just to amuse myself.)

Anyone enjoy the long, drawn out story that went nowhere?