Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sports Stuff (heartbreak and happiness)

My immaturity level has reached a new high (or low) due to professional sports. Basketball is the culprit and I'm whining.

I spent a good part of my day yesterday sulking. - I was pissed that I lost sleep staying up past my worknight bedtime to watch that Duane Wade dude (hmmmph) mess up my Mavs in the last seconds (more than freakin' once - I'm including OT) of the game. I'm a bad winner (as I've discussed) but I'm a horrible loser. I really get angry. Really.

When the Mavericks were leading the series 2-0 I talked much smack here at work - all the delivery guys, the messengers, our caterers, the staff here, our vendors - even our clients - everybody within hearing range got to hear me talk about the sweep. Yeah... the sweep.

Many of those people stopped in yesterday to laugh at me. (how rude!) I tried my best to maintain a professional demeanor while listening to amateur (boring!) recaps of the final plays in regulation and the overtime moves Miami made. I saw the game. I remember what happened and didn't need the Jr. Aspiring Sportscaster League to recap anything, but recap they did. All. Day. Long.

My daughter, the comedienne Brooke, sends me text messages of the score - as though she feels as though I'm unable to comprehend what I actually saw, the ESPN recaps, the internet ad infinitum articles, or the sports pages in the local newspapers. (advice - don't bet with your children - if they win they will harrass you to death)

Let's see what Avery and the boys do tonight.

My only consolation right now (BRAGGING SECTION) is that I have tickets to the opening pre- season game, The Falcons vs The Patriots. The game is on August 11th and I'll start my therapy soon to learn to cope with the nosebleeds I'm anticipating from sitting thousands of feet above sea level in the only seats my slim budget would allow right now. I don't care - I'LL BE AT THE OPENING GAME!!!!!

I bought the tickets online a couple of weeks ago for $24 each - c'mon, not bad at all. Of course there's a slight service charge, but I'm going to a pro game with a beautiful man for under 100 bucks. Maybe I need to stop sulking.


Rev. Smokin Steve said...

24 bucks for an NFL game? That can't be the regular season price, is it?

El Padrino said...

A NFL game is an NFL game. No matter where you sit....

jali said...


It's the first pre-season game and I'm getting all excited now.


You're absolutely right. C'mon August.


Happy first day of summer.

El Padrino said...

Happy Summer to you as well.
Sorry bout the MAVS....: (
Ever since they let that lead slip away in GAME 3 they have not been the same team.

jali said...

Can't believe the Miami Lukewarms are NBA champs.... sigh.

Cheetarah1980 said...

I'm pissed about the Finals as well. I'm not a Mavs fan, but I wanted anyone but the Heat to win. Actually, I wanted my Pistons to win. But we ain't gonna discuss that because I'm still disgruntled.

Crassius Maximus said...

I too am pissed about the Mavs. Now we enter into the abyss of the sports season: Mid June thru August. Terrible unless you are into NASCAR.

jali said...

Thundercat chick and Crassidude,

Oh, but football is just around the corner. Kind of...
...well if you sleep a lot until then