Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random Stuff

(originally posted 5/4/06 on MSN)
One of those...

It's annoying when someone seems surprised at what I'm reading. I suppose a Black chick of a certain age is expected to like certain things. (I copped the phrase from Wendy Williams back when I was a listener.)

My favorite genres are Sci-fi and Mystery. It seems I'm expected to read AA Lit. or Romances (ewwwww) and I have some pretty interesting conversations regarding my choices.

Borders - Buckhead, about a week ago.
Me - happily checking titles in the SciFi aisle.
He - happily interrupting me.

He: "So, you like to read?" (really sharp observation since were standing in a store full of books)
Me: "A-huh." (a bit annoyed that I'm being interupted - searching for titles is part of the fun)
He: "A girl like you likes Science Fiction and aliens and all that?" (implyed shock)
Me: "A-huh." (since my grays are showing the "girl" is acceptable on this day - lucky dude)
He: "What's the best book you've ever read?" (very deep, my Brother - how f'ing creative)
Me: "I don't really want to talk right now. I'm looking for the best book as we speak."
He: "Oh." (don't think homeboy understood me) Have you read ______? ( flavor of the week on AA booklists). It's pretty good."
Me: "No."
He: "Oh, you're one of those..."
Me: "Yup."
He: '...knee-grows I keep running into. I guess you don't like books written by Black people."
Me: (amused by idiot) "I like Octavia Butler."
He: "Who?"
Me: Never mind. (Walks away)


SunKingpoet said...

LOL.. if I get another black person asking me if I like Zane when I mention I'm a writer, I'm gonna have to kill someone.

lynnie said...

At least you are still cute enough to get the guy to wanna talk to you.

I am just the "Can I help you Ma'am" lady, but it could be the neighborhood. Perhaps they think I am a thief come to get ideas in the mystery aisle...

Have to go the big chain bookstores for an African American section - or Ebony, Right On...

jali said...


I didn't see these comments earlier. Thanks for starting way down here and reading up.