Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Move Stuff

Just learned that the apartment I've been waiting for is available and I will be able to move on Saturday. Yup, this Saturday! I'm sure that you all know how lazy I am - so you'll understand my reluctant joy.

The joy: I want to move. I need to move. The police have been driving through my complex with an alarming regularity lately, and it's not at all comfortable for me (no I'm not a criminal on the run - I just don't like it). The new place will cost a lot less than my current spot and offers much more. There's an added bonus that I'll discuss another day since it deserves it's own post.

The reluctant part: The lazy part of me doesn't feel like packing up crap, hauling same crap to truck, unloading crap at new spot and unpacking and putting away crap. I almost want to abandon what I have and just have new crap delivered. (a fantasy since I can't afford the crap I already have and it'll be a long time before my budget allows for new)

Now some of you may not realize just how hot it can get in Georgia. Asking friends to help is asking a lot. A whole lot. Of course the sweetness in my life will help, but he's just one man, so that still leaves half of the work to me.

("scheme-scheme-plot - plot" - ever since Luda used the line, I've been itching to copy him)

How can I make the offer of helping me to move in the relentless Georgia sun sound like fun so that I only need to move the girlie stuff and the big strong men I know can do their big strong thing?

One word. Brew.

Something about the offer of an icy cold foamy beverage makes the average guy I know willing to do almost anything if that beverage is the prize. My buddies can afford (fill in expensive beverage name - I'm not that hip - what the hell is Grey Goose?) if they're in the mood, but the offer of free beer is irresistable for some reason. Possible conditioning from childhood? Beer - good. Beer - good. Beer - good.

Whatever works.

I'll be back with an update.


Rev. Smokin Steve said...

You need more.

I always offer beer and pizza when I move. I've even thrown in buffalo wings.

gina said...

Duh on me! I just realized that you screen your comments! Call me! (314)495-7307.

Gail said...

Grey Goose...isn't that Vodka? I'm not "up" on that sort of stuff!

Good luck with the move!

jali said...


Wings are a good idea. The only pizza places near me are chain spots - I won't buy that stuff - I went to Ce-Ce's - Yuck! No matter how many times Queen Latifah says it's good, Pizza Hut just ain't for me.


I'll call today.


Thanks for the good wishes.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

OK everybody... let's call Gina and say hi.

maria said...

Hi there,

Offer them the works:pizza,wings,
some chinese food and TONS of
free beer.

It's worth it.Think about it;
By the end of the day, you'll be
settled in your own new little apt.

Isn't it worth a few bucks?


SunKingpoet said...

Did you say beer?

lynnie said...

Gee, too bad I am 3,000 miles away, and don't like beer that much.
Don't forget to lift with your knees!

You know I'd help If I could. XO

jali said...


You need to fly out here - redeye Friday night - I'll treat you to a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill.


Yeah baby, beer!

jali said...
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jali said...


Thanks for the input - It really is worth a couple of bucks.