Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Random Stuff

Bloggity, blogity, blog. (translation: I don't have anything really interesting going on right now, but I don't want to get yelled at for not updating so I'm just writing random stuff in the hope that it's good enough)

Warnings to those who don't know:
1. Eat something before going out to drink. Trust me.
2. Getting sick outside a club isn't the most attractive look one might go for.
3. Bubble guts are scary as hell. (this is why one should not drink the night before a work day. Bubble guts are a long lasting condition. Think 'Depends'. Supersized.)
4. Sleeping in your party clothes isn't very comfortable.
5. Makeup from the night before looks horrible in the morning.
6. You're not as witty as you think after a couple of drinks.

Those colors that don't quite match when you put them on in the morning look even worse when you get to work. Asking a sleepy guy if you look okay isn't the best course of action. He's sleepy and doesn't really care.

No matter how kind and sweet your man may be, he will still never sleep in the wet spot.

I have resigned myself to live with watching 5 or 6 shows at a time. "A" has television ADD and the jokes about men and remotes aren't funny anymore. He'll even ask me what is going on sometimes (as though the transmission on the channel he changed somehow gets through to me on some secret wavelength). He's serious when he asks.

There are too many rappers with either "Lil" or "Young" in their names. If you're rapping about adult issues, let's be grownups.

More to follow.
Edit 8/3/06 - see line directly above. I lied.


winters said...

A lot of truth in your words there, Jali.

Bubble Guts. Whooh...

~d (tilde) said...

Liquor before beer, nothing to fear.
Beer before liquor, never been sicker.

My words of wisdom for the day.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Love your posts. Glad you're back. You deserve an award for saying what had to be said with a hangover. Like the wet spot observation: Always seemed unfair, considering...

My husband is a blues musician. I keep asking him when he's going to change his first name to "Blind."

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I've slept in the wet spot before.

~Deb said...

Question for you---what's a bubble gut? I heard of a 'bubble butt'...but a gut? You mean like a Guiness gut? Belly made by Budweiser?

Believe me, I have encountered all of the above. The best dinner to eat before a night out of drinking is pasta/bread and salad. They are all very absorbing.

Take it from an alcoholic's point of view! *w

Steph said...

I like to sleep in my makeup just to see how i look the next morning. It's quite a blast to not recognise yourself in the mirror when you're hung over.

jali said...

Never thought I'd be a hangover expert.

Peas be with you too, my child. They're on sale this week.

Thanks for the encouragement and the welcome back. What does your husband play?

Rev. Smokin',
It's an urban legend. No man has ever really done this.

Bubble gut is that condition that starts with a wet fart and develops into a day on the throne. Thanks for the expert advice!

I scare the hell out of myself, cause I expect to see "pretty girl" - instead it's "pretty bad".