Friday, August 18, 2006

T.V. Stuff

I've decided to discuss TV shows that I loved that didn't last. I suppose it means I like weird stuff.

"Cop Rock" (1990) I was a big fan of Hill Street Blues and was thrilled to learn that Steven Boccho had created something new. I love Broadway and movie musicals and thought that a rock- opera crime show was a great idea. It was! One episode featured a crackhead mother singing goodbye to her infant child (she knew she would be taken away). Masterpiece!

"Love Cruise" (2001) - Sixteen singles set sail on a boat to the Caribbean. Every two days, each single picks a mate, and as a couple, they compete in challenges. At the end of each forty-eight-hour round, the women vote to eliminate one man, and the men vote to eliminate one woman. The eliminated singles are banished to Loser Island. (better recap than I would have done from
I really enjoyed this show - there were contestants I absolutely loved and others I despised from day one. There was backstabbing and unneccessary drama and couples hooking up. I don't understand why this show didn't float but Big Brother, Survivor, and others are still on.

"Sports Night" (1998-2000) - A show about a television show. Sports - what's not to love? The dialogue was great - the actors were charming and natural. I couldn't believe this show wasn't renewed. Casey and Dan were my dudes!

"Firefly" (2002)"A captain's goal was simple: find a crew; find a job; keep flying." This show featured the coolest captain and the coolest crew in the galaxy.

"Square Pegs" (1982-1983) - High school and trying to be cool. Likable cast - funny situations. Sigh.

"Fastlane" (2002-2003) - I will concede that the plots left a little to be desired, but these guys were the Crockett and Tubbs for the next generation. Eye candy with a sense of humor. (Thanks TV One - I can catch the reruns)


Miss Ann Thrope said...

I can't remember any of them. My show that got disappeared was the Dark Shadows remake and Hit Me Baby One More Time...that one cuz I'm weird and I like music.


That's a smooch for no reason...don't get any ideas you perv.

Dark Damian said...

I'm with you on "Firefly". I didn't appreciate this show until I had seen "Serenity", and now I wanna see all those FF episodes. What a great show. Joss Whedon is the shiznit, for real. I was also a big "Buffy" and "Angel" fan, but tell no one.

It would ruin my rep.

Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual said...

Cop Rock. Was that sarcasm?
Hill Street Blues was the
Square Pegs only lasted a year? How could that be? My entire life revolved around that show ... a year's a long time in teendom, huh?

Elaine said...

OH dear ...Cop Rock? I remember seeing a sliver of it for a millisecond and I couldn't.
I just couldn't.

I agree with you about Square Pegs! I loved me some Square Pegs and you know it was pretty damn good if it only lasted a year and people still remember it fairly well.

CP said...

I went to junior high school with Amy Linker from Square Pegs. We were actually friends. We used to make fun of Sarah Jessica Parker's huge nose and always thought Amy would be the breakout star from that show.

Er, my bad.

Now, I am totally a SJP fan. Everything she does. Movies, television, direction and oy, her fashion sense is to die for. LOVE THAT BROAD!

Amy who? *L*


CP said...


DD was a Buffy and Angel fan! I got the lowdown! I'm telling EVERYONE!



Schadenfreude said...

I didnt wanna be bothered with Firefly either, but once I saw Serenity -- damn! Bring it back!

And hey, where's Misfits of Science -- that should definitely be on the list.


Chanakin said...

Cop Rock!

LMAO! I always found myself watching that stupid show.

Dark Damian said...

CP, don't make me come over there. Swear.

dirk.mancuso said...

Oh. Em. Gee. I was loving me some LOVE CRUISE, especially Toni. Damn that was one loudmouthed woman. LOVED. HER.

FIREFLY was never given a chance and oh did I ever love me that Dr. Simon Tam and Captain Mal. Scrump. Dilly. Icious.

Other cancelled favs:


C said...

The only shows I recognize from your list are Big Brother (which I found to be quite lame) and Survivor (which has a cast that about does what you said Love Cruise did). I don't watch any of these as I don't pay for televised programming and I have no antennae for my tele.

Life, or Something Like It said...

yup. buffy,angel,square pegs,dark shadows,riptide,a-team.....but cop rock?
any one remember parker louis can't lose?
honestly,cop rock? what about cagney and lacey?

Bostick said...

Hey you! Im from Joe-Jia too! That how we say it down here yall. Just wanted to say I am looking at your blog Im in Saint Simons. Bye.

restaurant gal said...

Ah, "My So-Called Life" starring a very young Claire Danes. Loved the writing and the acting. Very short-lived series!

Danielle said...

I second restaurant gal.
My so called life was awesome.

Luke Cage said...

FireFly was so underrated. The fans couldn't muster enough votes to bring it back for a second season. I only wish the movie Serenity had enough power to greenlight a sequel. I don't believe it did though, too bad. Great show, great concept. I loved the X-Files though. That was the one that I hated to see cancelled, but after 9 seasons and 2 1/2 subpar seasons before that, it was time to end it.

Blonde Vigilante said...

I loved My So Called Life. I think everyone from my generation did. I was so shocked when they took it off the air after one season. It's weird how shows are taken off the air and some of the dumbest ones get to stay on. It pisses me off actually, but I continue to pay for cable like the helpless sheep I am. Sigh.

dirk.mancuso said...

Oh yeah...MY SO-CALLED LIFE was awesome.

So was WONDERFALLS. And AMERICAN GOTHIC (Gary Cole as Sheriff Buck was all kinds of yummy!). And INVASION (Eddie Cibrian and those dimples...sighhhhhh).

Oh and SAVANNAH. Good trash is hard to find.

Dark Damian said...

Dirk, I'm with you on "Invasion". I was into that show. Hell, Eddie Cibrian raised my latent gayness from 30% to a solid 33%. I was at the "I'm only looking at him to get a reference for how I want my bidy to be chiseled" stage.

But I still like cooter.

~Deb said...

Hmmm...I never seen any of these shows. Love Cruise? I heard of Love Boat...

I've been living under a rock for some time...You'll have to excuse me!

Amadeo said...

I am with you on Sports Night and your reader on Parker Lewis can't Lose.

Shoshana said...

I have not heard any of this TV shows. I do like John Doe. Something about savants that makes a movie real interesting for me. It didn't hurt that Dominic Purcell is cute!

jali said...

Hey All,

Thank you for all the great responses. I spent the day yesterday visiting other sites and I did a little work too and didn't take the time (as I should have) to respond to any of you.

I'll do much better in the future!

katrice said...

Sorry I'm late, but American Gothic was the all-time best. I bought it on DVD. Even signed a petition several years ago to get them to even release it on DVD.

Sports Night -- was that the one with Robert Guillaume?

Fastlane -- Is that the show with Bill Bellamy and the other guy? Yeah, awful cute.

Stefanie said...

Okay, funny thing - my friend dated a girl who was on Love Cruise. He dated her before the show started airing and she was completely crazy. She started sending him cartoons about marriage and love when they'd gone out for three weeks. Anyway the chick was Lisa who was the "good girl." Remember her? Brunette boring? She gave a guy a blow job on the show (not on camera but on the boat).

~Macarena~ said...

Sports Night was pretty good, but someone on there annoyed me. Either the guy who wasn't the cute guy, or the woman.

Firefly! I liked the Nathan Fillion (O Captain! My Captain!) and the kickass Gina Torres, who's now on Standoff, where she inexplicably isn't the main character! I didn't go see the movie, though. Maybe I should put it in my Netflix Queue.

Anonymous said...

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